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Thread: Ted Richards 200

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    Ted was fantastic in the 2006 GF, along with Kirky the best player on the field during the second half. That always sat in the back of my mind even when he was going thru a poor patch in 2010 that over the years legends have been built around players who could produce their absolute best under the pressure of a GF. A certain blond haired defender/whipping boy (no, not Bevo) did it in 2005 and backed it up 7 years later with another mighty September.

    It's another very good reason why we desperately need to give AJ whatever time he needs to get over his knee issues.

    Well done Teddy...
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    Ted on SEN about his career this AM

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    Roos says Ted was his best recruiting call (better than Josh apparently).

    Interesting story about Richards' lack of self-confidence. Whatever the Swans do to discards from other clubs a lot of it must involve making them believe in themselves.

    This was certainly not unusual for the players the Swans recruited from other clubs. Many had spent time in the seconds and were down on confidence when they arrived.

    Coaches had countless discussions with Ted about believing in himself.

    Even when he started to become a good player during his early time at Sydney, this didn't lead to a confidence that he had become a regular AFL player.

    The 2010 season seemed to be the turning point. After being dropped during the year he came back and played well towards the end of the season and earned a new contract.
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    Gee he was good last night. He could play another 200 if he plays like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CJK View Post
    Threatened to be a bit rubbish but was only trolling.

    Great player for us.

    Well done Ted

    (So is his full name Edward or what?)
    Teds full name is Edward Elliott Richards

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