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Thread: Brett Roberts' 400th Bulldogs game

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    Brett Roberts' 400th Bulldogs game

    It's with great pleasure that I congratulate Brett Roberts on his 400th game for East Sydney/UNSW-ES this Sunday.

    I have known Robbo for 22 years in the Red, White and Blue...I clearly remember him playing Ones as a 16 or 17yo.

    It's an amazing feat to play 200 games in this limited game comp, let alone double it.

    It's also amazing that combined with his dad, former First Grade Premiership player - John Roberts, their father-son tally exceeds 900 games for this football club. Add in the games of Brett's brother, Steve, and you're probably looking at 1000 for the family.

    Robbo has split his 20+ years in the Ones and Twos, featuring in the 2003 Reserve Grade Premiership, in a year that saw the club win both the Ones and Twos flags.

    His finals experience is invaluable and I hope you all "get around him" this weekend.

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    Brilliant achievement and a great bloke. Congrats on a sensational milestone.
    Not sure how he got out of playing for Blacktown though

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    Wow, big numbers. Congrats, hopefully it's in a win!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pekay View Post
    Wow, big numbers. Congrats, hopefully it's in a win!
    Well...hopefully not PK!

    Always makes it that little bit tougher when the side you're playing has a milestone player. But good on him, massive amount of games!
    In every game there is going to be a cross-road, and when you get to that cross-road you either step up, or you step down!

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    Well done Robbo. Pleasure having played several of those games with you at both ends of the 400.

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