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Thread: 2014 round 1 team vs GWS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig View Post
    I saw the WCE game on AFLTV. No one played well in slippery conditions. I wasn't impressed by Ryan's game. Only saying that in slow conditions he can accumulate possies and get around the ball. I have been marveling at our midfield depth for a while and support the decision not to play Ryan just because he had runs on the board. It's not often that you get the number of high quality inside mids over such a short period of time the way we have, so something has to give, and it's generally going to be the older players that have to make way.

    I felt that Laidler was going to be selected, because the timing was good, and his name kept coming up in the praise section of several interviews. I was expecting the disappointment of Horse leaving out either Rampe or Cunningham. So pleased that Horse had the guts to make what must have been a difficult call, but the right call.
    Watched two quarters of the Freo v Collingwood game last night and can see ROK being able to do a job on one of the Freo tall midfielders. Fyfe is too young, quick and classy for ROK, but he could do a good job on another tall midfielder like a Barlow or a Mundy. These guys are not express quick and ROK could match them in the air, and he would be able to match them on the ground with his experience.

    Nat Fyfe is brilliant and is a headache for all opposition coaches with his size and ball winning ability from the midfield, but we have the man to play on him. Sam Reid could do a good tagging job on Fyfe, particularly in the open play. He has the height, strength, running ability, tenacity and discipline to go with Fyfe and break even! If we have Tippett, Franklin, LRT and maybe Goodes in the forward line, then we don't lose any height by getting Reid to do this job.

    I always thought that Sam Reid was eventually going to be our best match up for Buddy Franklin, but our recruiters sorted out that issue!

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    Well here we are, the sun creeps slowly to it's zenith. In this red land a white cloud passes slowly overhead. Is this a sign the footy gods favour the Swans? An answer from the bush "This happens almost every day you idiot". Worth a try!

    Can't wait to see the boys go to it against GWS. I am going to watch the Twos v UWS. Want to see how BJ, Towers, Naismith, Derrickx & Toby go especially.

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    James Dampney ?on Twitter: And there's a huge out, with @kjack_15 missing for @sydneyswans. Pretty handy replacement, sub @okeeferyan. Final teams shortly
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    Yep, on the AFL site as well
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