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Thread: Round 2 2014, @sydneyswans v Magpies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottee View Post
    If you watched the Saints GWS game you would know that we have been huge losers in getting rid of a powerhouse prime mover ruckman for an overrated flawed half forward flanker. If it was our choice to let Mummy go someone should be shot.
    People keep saying swapping Franklin for Mummy is a no brainer but was happened we have swapped out our best ruck man for a flawed half flanker and at the same time our best contested mark (and straight kicker) - Pyke - has to move out of the forward line to ruck most of the game and not be in a position to kick goals.
    Derickx tried hard but give me Pyke and Mummy minus Franklin any day.

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    A lot of great points in the thread.

    It was my first live game for the season, and I thought the effort was there. The boys tried hard......too hard sometimes and I think that contributed to the woeful skill execution.

    How quickly can we build a roof on ANZ and the SCG? Our skills drop off so fast as soon as the ball gets more than a little bit of dew on it! How many times did we switch to low % contests or the opposition in the corridor?

    Kizza looked liked he was underdone with his injury, but if you could see how hard he was trying to lift the team.

    I thought Franklin was ok, but he disappointed me with some of his positional play. He did not seem to be in a dangerous position a lot of the time when we moved forward. He either was not reading where the play was going very well or was not working hard enough to get in to position. Maybe I am being a bit harsh, but I expect big things from him.

    ROK and Shaw to be omitted next week.

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    Look on the bright side folks, at least our weekend wasn't as bad as Roosys.....

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    No forward defensive pressure. Zoning off for Collingwood kick outs consistently conceded three easy kicks for an inside 50. Our kick-outs were bombs to contests; sometimes it seemed only Ben McGlynn was challenging. Too many unforced turn-overs across HB?McVeigh particularly disappointing. Jetta was outstanding as he played into the game. Perhaps Shaw needs some game time?he's been out for a long while and from where I was sitting, the effort was there, the timing off. How we miss Adam Goodes?there seems to be no-one who can step up to impose himself on the game when it's in the balance. Buddy was setting up behind the ruck, Goodesy-style, late in the game, looking for a spill and crash through, but too often, as the game progressed and he was trying to get into it, was getting caught in no-mans-land deep in pockets. Reid should not have been moved down back when we were crying out for leading forwards. Arrgh!

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    that is the word

    i use it all the time in coaching..........when you see a few players do it like a parker or mitchell or mcglynn ...........or a hannes in 2012 GF the whole team lifts

    but for me we did that enough to have forward entries and any other team in the comp with our same opportunities into the forward line would have won the game
    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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    Quote Originally Posted by aardvark View Post
    Look on the bright side folks, at least our weekend wasn't as bad as Roosys.....
    I'm going down for the Melbourne game at the end of April - at this rate it'll be a batte to avoid the wooden spoon, but by gee they look awful!
    "You get the feeling that like Monty Python's Black Knight, the Swans would regard amputation as merely a flesh wound."

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