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Thread: and boy, could the great McCarthy play!

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    and boy, could the great McCarthy play!

    this as close as you will get to footy porn!
    and enjoy the vintage images of the lakeside oval and past swan players...not forgetting Lou Richards and Bobby Davis!

    1974 V.F.L South Melbourne at the Lakeside Oval. - YouTube

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    A very young "Mick Taylor" too.

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    I was in one of the crowd shots in that film.
    John Jarrett was a lookalike to a player we had back then called Gary Scott.
    I remember at half time in a game at the MCG there was a ladder brought out onto the ground so that Jarrett could climb up and it made him look like he was taking a screamer.
    I saw this film on 16mm about ten years ago, I think Judy Morris bared her bum in this film.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckie View Post
    , I think Judy Morris bared her bum in this film.
    That was the only reason I went to that movie. And to see a south win????????

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