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Thread: Sydney Swans v Geelong Cats

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    I was very indifferent about the prospect of B Mcglynn moving to midfield when it was touted over the Summer - I just didn't see it as a natural progression for him. But how very wrong I was - he has been superb this year, and he is really driving our team in relation to those extra efforts and 1% style play too. You can see the desire burns deep in him after what happened in 2012.
    +1 here. I was another who thought he was holding up development of some kids. Happy I was wrong. He would be leading my B&F.

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    Better late than never...

    If you'd told me the Swans'd restrict Geelong to the same score we had to Melbourne, I'd say you were crazier than a Vossy thing. How good were we! How bad were the Cats! Six of one - half a dozen of the other, truth be told. Would've been easy to cruise after half time, conserve our resources and look to the games ahead. Instead, we steeled ourselves for a fightback that never came. With percentage so vital in a ladder this tight, it's the victory we had to have.

    Whom to praise? Everyone. Even those who had a relatively quiet game, still contributed in some way. The battle was won everywhere; our midfield was unbeatable, our defence unbreakable and our forwards unstoppable. Special mentions to our half back line breakers, the LARS brothers Malceski and Shaw. Bird on song is a beautiful sound and ruck tagger D-Rex, proving the doubters wrong yet again. Also Goodes hunting the packs, reminiscent of his game against Essendon last year - he creates his own time and space as only the true champions can.

    So what more can be said of this game? Yes Kurt, it is a new benchmark. Don't get cocky.

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