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Thread: Kurt Tippett reboot

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    Kurt Tippett reboot

    Rather than add to the existing Kurt Tippett thread, is it worth starting again and having a chat about where he and we are at, 18 months and 17 or 18 games down the track?
    I think that what he does for us structurally is awesome: having such a monster working out of the goal square lets Buddy do his best work further out, really stretching a defender, rather than being the key target.
    But it is frustrating to see him so hampered by injury. Is there anyone out there who could add to my understanding of where he is at? Will his knees clear up? What is the medium-term prognosis? I am not suggesting for a moment that I don't want him on the list (I'll leave that kind of speculation to the more, um, colourful of our colleagues), but I'm just wondering whether anyone else shares my concerns.

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    In b4 merge

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    What is Kurt's contract status?

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    Abandon a 330 page thread?! Never!

    Buddy is a better player when Tippett plays IMO. If we can get KT through a pre-season injury-free then I think he'll have a big 2015.
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    The Tippett thread must live on in it's (much) extended glory
    And I agree Doc, Buddy is a much better player with Tippett on field, and vice versa
    Why did nobody think to play them on the same team before?
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    Cos there's just not enough COLA to go around! Lol

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    Didn't answer my question though.
    I thought Kurt's contact was originally longer than 2 years, but with the mess re: salary cap issues the Swans settled on 2 years. Could be wrong though.

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    I thought it was 2 years with a 1 year option. Happy to be corrected on that.
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    I think it was about $4 mill over 4 years

    Nup $3.5 mill apparently

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