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Thread: Changes for Rnd 21 V St Kilda.

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    Hi Wolftone

    Unless the rules have changed you are only allowed one three year rookie hence Biggs needs to be upgraded or let go and why we can only keep one of the five 2+ rookies on the rookie list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rb4x View Post
    Biggs elevation to the senior list is only for this year as a long term injury replacement for Aliir, likewise naismith for Derickx. It does not guarantee them a place for next year. Interesting that our three emergencies tomorrow are all 2013 draftees while the 2012 draftees, Membrey, Marsh and Dick and 2011 draftee Lockyer are all in the two's. We have five second and third year rookies on our list and at least four of them must be upgraded or let go at the end of the year unless the AFL changes the rules again. I would see Biggs, Lloyd, Naismith and X Richards all deserving of elevation at the end of the year which would leave Robinson as a third year rookie. Upgrading four means that we need to clear a minimum of six positions on our senior list and more likely eight given we like to do some trading. There will be some retirements LRT already and ROK and maybe Shaw and we could see one or two leave for greener pastures (maybe Malceski and Walsh back to ireland) but if I was Lockyer, Dick or Marsh I would be pulling out all stops to show that I am still worth a place on the swans list.
    I think Walsh will be offered another year. He is the most likely key defender to be selected this year or in 2015 if Richards or Grundy go down. Sam Reid will be moved back for one key defender injury and then it will be Walsh if another goes down. LRTs ending will give Walsh another chance.

    Allire is not ready and I think X Richards won't make it.

    We could look for another delisted free agent, but they are not going to be better than Walsh. I better credentialed key defender will cost us too much due to our tight salary cap.

    We could take a key defender in the draft but it will take at least 18 months until they are in senior contention.

    Walsh could be very valuable in 2015. His fight back from that hamstring injury and his progress as a key defender are impressive.

    Alex Johnson may be viable from the middle of 2015, but we he is now an unknown.

    If Walsh is motivated to stay and keep going then the club will offer a one year deal.

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    How is the weather in Sydney??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel_C View Post
    How is the weather in Sydney??
    512 km composite Sydney (Terrey Hills) Radar Loop

    looks like moderate rain on the way...

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    By the way, anyone at the ground notice many of the emergencies not playing in the 2's? Wondering if there might be any late changes?

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    Well that was a bit disappointing! Hope we bring some intensity next week!

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