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Thread: Nice note from ASRC Melbourne following Swans vs Hawks match

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    Congratulations to all involved that's what I like about football ( actually sport in general ) it removes barriers and provides common ground. A double thumbs up again to all.

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    Very, very well done.
    If it happens again next year I would be happy to pitch in for scarves caps etc.
    Give us some notice on here.

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    Thanks for all of your comments guys and offers to get involved next year. We'll definitely do this again. I think it's important that the approach is personal, that is, you choose who/which/where you want to make a contribution. This isn't political and was never meant to be so - plenty of organisations/groups out there representing people from all walks of life who would be grateful for something like this.

    I'll think of a way to make this easy for anyone who wants to join in next year. Will look at tying it to Multicultural Round. The fact that it did this year was purely accidental would you believe it
    Captain, I am detecting large quantities of win in this sector

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    I'm sure that by the sound of things it could be big next year. Why not get onto the Swans marketing department who may be able to help with merchandise as well?

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