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Not once did we manage to knock off Sydney Uni in the old SFA as the Jets, or Hawkesbury, in either Seniors or Reserves. The only other club we couldn't account for prior to 2004 (when the old SFA changed, with Uni and Wollongong going up) was Holroyd-Parramatta. The first time we beat their Seniors was in a final in 2010.

And you're right, it's a mark of their incredible depth, still hurts though. However, I'd much prefer the set up as it is, maybe tweaked a little as some have suggested, but I don't miss the old days of week to week hidings.
I guess my point was that under the old system, where we had the best side of clubs like Sydney Uni playing the best sides of clubs in the west, it was unrepresentative of the amount and depth of playing ability available to each club.

And that showed in the results. Probably the only western Sydney club which could challenge them on a regular (or semi-regular) basis was Parramatta. The outer western Sydney clubs had little hope.

The current system is at least attempting to address that inequity and as a result I don't see any embarrassment in losing to one of Sydney Uni's lower grade sides. At least the western Sydney clubs now have the opportunity to compete on a more even basis.