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Thread: Xav gets upgrade, 2-year contract

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    Xav gets upgrade, 2-year contract

    Xav Richards has been given a two-year contract extension and upgrade to senior list, according to this unconfirmed report. If true it says a lot about how the club envisages our future backline.

    Swans re-sign key defender with X-factor -
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    Well that's one of the post season dominoes falling into place. Upgrade for two years means they see a future in Xavier.

    Ressie watchers - do you feel X has the makings of a senior player?

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    Toldyers........continually watches the play, reminds of me of Ted the way he moves, reminds me of Peb the way he concentrates. Never going to be built like a tank, but watches like an alert bird. Has the makings of a good'n. Ted took a while. X is a kid still. All good.

    Very pleased that the Club moved quickly with this lad.
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    That's my take on him Primmy from the few games I've seen live this year. Taking his time to develop, but he is only young, and clearly is working exceptionally hard on developing his game. I agree that he is going to be a good 'un in time.
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