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Thread: Harvey gets a week

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    Hang on I want Rohan to erase Thomas out of the game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rb4x View Post
    Hang on I want Rohan to erase Thomas out of the game.
    That would be poetic justice at its best!

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    id be happy if Rohan simply went straight past the forward pressure of North.............if he counters from HBF a few times on big runs that would be lovely !
    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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    The more penalties are handed out and then the tribunal reverses that, the more of a joke it becomes.
    Breeds a 'challenge any penalty' mentality
    The difference between insanity and genius is measured only in success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Lost a lot of respect for selwood tonight.
    I think Joel simply took the time to consider whether the impact to him was really sufficient for a fellow player to;
    1. miss out on the opportunity to play in a Preliminary Final
    2. miss out on the chance to visit ANZ Stadium
    I guess whilst #1 didn't seem to matter, he really couldn't rob him of #2.
    I knew him as a gentle young man, I cannot say for sure the reasons for his decline
    We watched him fade before our very eyes, and years before his time

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    The players code is often more influential than the Tribunal .
    So make sure you only hit code players .

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    Loved the tweet that said something like the afl is the only court (sic) in Australia where u can lie and not face any repercussions for perjury.

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