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Thread: Grand Final Tickets - Follow This Link Should You Wish To Buy/Swap/Sell

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    Grand Final Tickets - Follow This Link Should You Wish To Buy/Swap/Sell

    Inevitably, there will be requests and offers of sale for Grand Final tickets. Please keep all such requests in the Finals Planning thread.
    To avoid clogging up the entire message board with ticket threads, that thread is the one and only thread on RWO in which offers & requests to buy, swap & sell Grand Final tickets is permitted. Create your own and it will be deleted.

    You need to have been a member of RWO for a reasonable amount of time AND have made a certain number of posts before you are able to access the Finals Planning Forum.
    I.E. If you have joined RWO this month you will NOT have access. It's a trust thing, and to prevent Scammers.

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    Just drawing people's attentions to Norris' words above. All requests for tickets need to be posted in the dedicated thread in the finals planning forum. Any threads created in this forum will be moved or deleted. A few have popped up and have been moved.

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