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Thread: Eade to the Suns

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    Eade to the Suns

    ..... as revealed by his Mrs on 3AW!!!! Interesting way to do it

    Rocket's mission to the Suns: Eade confirmed as Gold Coast coach -

    Has plenty of critics but I always liked him, played a massive part of leading the Swans out of the early '90s wilderness and was treated very poorly the way he left. Hope he does well.

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    I heard that Eddie is throwing a tantrum and wants compensation for the loss of Eade. This guy just doesn't stop whining does he?? Isn't it a known rule that even if an assistant coach has a contract, he is allowed to go to another club as a senior coach? I'm sure this is why the swans wouldn't release Dew from his contract a year ago to become assistant under Roos, because it would have been a role at the same level as at the swans.

    I wonder what the next dummy spit from Eddie will be? Hopefully when the draw comes out the magpies will have a number of twilight games for him to whinge about. And then he can ask for more compensation like he did last year .

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    I agree with Brad Semour....Under Eade, it'll be 2 good years then down hill.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ernie koala View Post
    I agree with Brad Semour....Under Eade, it'll be 2 good years then down hill.
    Maybe it will only take two years to get the Suns deep into finals? They have a lot of talent brewing up there, just need to get games into them.

    It will be interesting to come back to this in 2017.
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