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Thread: Demons to target Zac Jones

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    That is utterly preposterous. I want to talk footy too, but again and again, threads are being derailed by Matt80's transparently political efforts to shove his Right-wing, corporatist, Ayn Rand-style agenda down our throats under the guise of football commentary.

    If blame is to be apportioned, the lion's share of it must be sheeted home to Matt80. Your gratuitous comment about Left-wing people, apart from being a mindless generalisation, is completely irrelevant. I find Matt80's political views extremely distasteful, but that is not why I object to them being posted here. I object because they do not belong here.

    Please. Let's talk footy.
    What are you on about Bloods05 and Stevoswan? You clearly haven't read the previous comments or chosen to just ignore them. Matt made a comment (24/12, 10:55) that was completely apolitical in reference to the NFL and worlds best practice. Stevoswan responded (17:43, 24/12) and made a snide reference to Tony Abbott. This was initiated by Stevoswan and it can't be disputed, yet you are both putting words in Matts and my mouths. Where did I make any comment about "mindless generation"? You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    People like me come to this website to see what is happening with the swans and to provide info on our knowledge. I suggest you make a comment about Zak Jones, stop belittling others and stop shoving your political views down our throats.
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    Wouldn't be Red and White if the threads weren't completely derailed by page three :-)

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