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Thread: Between Season & Watching the Old Games

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    Between Season & Watching the Old Games

    Its hot. The place is closed up. TV is crap except for cricket. So what does one do if at a loose end.

    Watch old games thats what!!!

    Round 19, 2005, Essendon v Swans at Telstra Dome.


    . Barry Hall is such an intimidating and BIG man. He can play just a bit too. Very intelligent player, no matter the last year; he was very good for us.
    . MickyO was a treasure. If you need reminding of what he could do, have a look at this game.
    . Luke Ablett was a fairly powerful player, and is much better than I think he considered himself to be. Hard worker.
    . We were lucky to have Monty and Schneider around at the time. They made some damn fine decisions as born out in the finals and Granny.
    . The 2005 team was good. Very Very good. Its a shame a lot of the AFL world thought they fell over the line. They didn't. they were a seriously good team.

    . We are doubly lucky that Essendon didn't rate Ted, and Roosy did. He has just got better and better. Still looks the same, dammmitttt.

    Its a very good game that one. It also points out that all teams have good years, very good years, fantastic years, and crap ones. We have been on a roll for some ten years now all borne on good management and very good luck.
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    Can remember Micky O's banana in that game. It was never easy to beat Essendon in Melbourne.

    I normally love watching old games but I don't think I've seen a single Swans highlight since the GF debacle. It's taking some time to recover from.

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