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Thread: Match Thread Rnd3 Sydney V GWS

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    Give it a few years and Heeney will be able to snap those pesky posts.

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    My heart was in my throat when Heeney went down.

    McGlynn was underdone but at least he put some points on the board, unlike Reid who had another stinker, including a couple of really costly clangers.

    I think Towers makes way for Smith next week but I still maintain that whatever they're trying to turn Reid into it should happen in the reserves.

    Cunningham had a good return and presented a good outlet out of defence. Back 6 were definitely shaky without Smooch.

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    Looked like an intense game like the other state derbies.
    What was the crowd?

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    GWS are pretty amazing , excellent skills, hit targets, run all day , keep pressing and possessing .
    Well done to them with no fan base .
    They deserve a lot of credit .

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    Our defence was so disorganised today, and Reid's disposal was the worst I've seen. I've been backing him as a defender, but after that showing, I too am thinking he should be dropped. He's a real worry.

    Lloyd and Jetta were great today. Hunted the ball and used it well. We really needed them to get us out of trouble so many times.

    A very uneven performance from a usually well balanced team. But give GWS credit. They are a seriously good side with a real shot at the top 8. Their ball use across the team is definitely better than ours and with Mummy and a some talented inside mids, they are a very hard team to beat.

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    I am glad I am not the only one who thinks Reid isn't cutting it. I wish I knew what the answer is.. We have tried forward and back and neither has worked.. He drops nothing but the easiest of marks now. His field kicking is ordinary and if the ball hits the deck he is useless.

    Heeney on the other hand is amazing.. I am not ashamed to say I have some man love happening..

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    Hard to assess this performance ... GWS are pretty good ... but we won ... but unimpressively in my book. Don't like our defence ... the Reid experiment suggests he has too little of everything to do the job ... in his 5th(?) season he is still being treated like he is a newcomer with whom we should be patient ... enough slack in my view ... let him learn how to defend, how to tackle, and how to dispose of the ball in the seconds, or bye bye.
    Not a lot of the sort of clean forward entry we need to beat the best sides. Without Franklin (who can make a lot of little) we would be quite ordinary IMO.

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    Why do we frequently draw the short straw and have Dwayne Russell commentate our games? He tries to find non existent free kicks for our opposition, tries to find reasons why we shouldn't receive frees. His co-commentators join in with glee. I started making notes during the second quarter and had quite a long list by the end of the game. It is all one way biased calling and I am fed up!

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    Thought we were good value for the win today against a GWS team that will improve as the season goes on.

    Quite an embarrassing turn out again by the GWS "fans", really just one pocket of kids showing up inane banners. This little project will really test the mettle of AFL as it will be a generation until they start developing a genuine fan base, as opposed to the meal deal kids that were there today.

    Anyway, back to the game

    * Heeney continues to impress. I think that resting him is a ridiculously stupid suggestion but if he is only slightly crocked I'd be leaving him off the plane for next week
    * Jetta is starting to develop into the player we all think he can be
    * Think the jury is out on Reid but I think he is worth perservering with
    * I'm a Tippett fan but I just don't feel we get quite enough out of him, he always looks so immobile...
    * McGlynn added heap in his return
    * Still not sure about Towers

    Roll on next week, we have navigated a tricky start and we should be at least 5-1 after six rounds based on our current form

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    Quote Originally Posted by troyjones2525 View Post
    We are looking good so far but it would be nice if Grundy could take a chest mark or dispose a handball that doesn't hit the deck 2 meters in front of its target!
    100% agree, guy cannot handball to save himself! It's a basic skill and he simply cannot do it! It's disgraceful!

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    i have been a massive supporter of the Reid experiment to help him be the player we need and especially prior to Buddy joining as we needed a multiple key talls which is critical for all teams to be successful

    and my call is to persist for now !!!

    my gut feeling is REID is a little ahead of other talls in ressies and lets face it some of his mistakes tonight were forcing the quick short pass back inside which is difficult

    SO where to from here?

    do we really believe he can not improve his decision making ? I for one think he can and especially given he has not played much in the backs at all

    firstly, I say persist as we will need his capabilities come finals just like LRT has been critical in years gone past for our stacking of our 50m defensive arc game plan

    secondly, if Teddy is not there in 2015 and or 2016 for what ever reason we need a fella of serious ability ready to roll
    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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    agree not giving Heeney a rest as yet ie I am a big fan of moderating training compare to game time

    BUT i do have concern when you see a player of 18yrs of age come off the ground in rd 3 with ice applied all over both knees
    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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