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Thread: The AFL is killing footy

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    One introduction that I saw last Saturday night that I really liked was having the numbers of the players that were on the interchange listed on the level above the bench. If I was trying to find Buddy or Parker etc I could check the numbers and see if they were on the bench. You would also know when the sub is made...although with Heeney's injury it didn't really matter last week.

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    I've noticed in recent years it's become harder to have a conversation at half-time, the PA system is so loud now.

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    There is no doubt that the AFL has focus on AFL first and football second.
    There are numerous examples of the AFL taking the AFL team perspective over football with NO NETT GAIN.
    Ban affiliations so second tier competitions return to being legitmate.
    Ensure every AFL ground has an external warmup ground so we can return to realistic curtain-raisers.
    Re-instate curtain-raisers to encourage the earlier filling of stadia and to promote non AFL football..
    Move electronic signage to upper levels because it IS distracting to spectators and players.
    And above all remember we come primarily to watch football. Everything else should be secondary.
    We rather kick the football on the oval rather than watch/hear some promotion.
    give it to the game

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