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Agreed. Complete with its anachronistic rules like 'no collar in the Noble Stand, no admittance', and having a 'Ladies Stand' in 2015 but i can see how it would appeal to people like Jones and his acolytes as it has that 1950s nostalgic feel when fat middle class white men ruled the planet without being questioned.

That all a fair call but I think it's a fair call to say that the Ladies Stand is a historical reference so wouldn't get too wound up about that.

There's also the view that members each contribute about $20M plus from their own pocket to fund that ground so I wouldn't be too judgemental on the members themselves, it's more the old boys model in place.

I mean we have 15 trustees and 13 are appointments for life from the government of the day. We've got two trustees elected by the members themselves and had the shameful situation where a person who was repeatedly rejected by the membership base due to being a Grade A knob (one S.C.G MacGill) was then just appointed by the government anyway. It's a truly outdated governance model