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Thread: Round 20: UWS Giants v Sydney Swans Reserves @ Spotless Stadium

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    Round 20: UWS Giants v Sydney Swans Reserves @ Spotless Stadium

    NEAFL 2015 Round 20

    UWS Giants v Sydney Swans Reserves

    Saturday 22nd August 2015
    Spotless Stadium

    With 2 rounds to go both these teams have secured their finals spots. A Giants win would see them claim their minor premiership courtesy of their ridiculous percentage advantage over 2nd placed NT Thunder, however the Swans' final position will not be known until after the completion of the final round. With the Swans level on 44 points with Sydney Uni and Aspley but with a inferior percentage, a loss here would render a Top 4 finish very unlikely and with it any chances of a home final.

    When these 2 sides last met in Round 13, a Giants side brimming full of confidence and with a small injury list demolished a weakened Swans outfit by a whopping 183 points. Since that win, they've 'struggled' to replicate that form and have won the last 5 games by margins of only 94, 130, 97, 93 and 110 points respectively. The Giants will be fielding a weaker team this time round, but still will have an advantage over the Swans in the number of listed players in their lineup.

    The Reserves came from behind to defeat a strong Gold Coast outfit last week, overcoming injuries to key players Dan Robinson and George Hewett to triumph, like the seniors who were to follow, by 11 points. The Giants had the bye last week.

    NEAFL Ladder
    1UWS Giants16151002168955227.02%60
    2NT Thunder171430016871310128.78%56
    3Sydney University161150015471076143.77%44
    5Sydney Swans161150012631116113.17%44
    8Gold Coast Suns16610001307153984.93%24
    11Brisbane Lions17116001090188057.98%4

    Recent Form
    R2UWS GiantsHomeLoss58121
    R3Gold Coast SunsAwayWin11042
    R4Sydney UniversityAwayWin6928
    R5UWS GiantsAwayLoss8188
    R8Brisbane LionsHomeWin11036
    R9Gold Coast SunsAwayWin8959
    R12Sydney UniversityHomeLoss41116
    R13UWS GiantsHomeLoss14198
    R14Brisbane LionsAwayWin8353
    R16NT ThunderAwayLoss4497
    R17Brisbane LionsHomeWin8641
    R19Gold Coast SunsHomeWin6756

    UWS Giants
    R1Gold Coast SunsHomeWin12089
    R2Sydney SwansAwayWin12158
    R4NT ThunderAwayLoss8494
    R5Sydney SwansHomeWin8881
    R6Brisbane LionsAwayWin10163
    R7Gold Coast SunsHomeWin122106
    R9Brisbane LionsHomeWin21624
    R13Sydney SwansAwayWin19714
    R15Gold Coast SunsAwayWin15828
    R16Brisbane LionsAwayWin16770

    Past Meetings
    Round 13 @ Blacktown International Sportspark
    GoalsJ.Rose, J.Loneragan
    BestB.Jack, D.Robinson, X.Richards
    Round 5 @ Spotless Stadium
    GoalsHiscox 3, Rose 2, Towers 2, B.Jack 2, Naismith 2, Nankervis
    BestMarsh, Hiscox, Davis, Naismith, Nankervis, Jones

    Round 2 @ Tramway Oval

    GoalsGoodes 3, B.Jack, Reinhard, Naismith, McLaren, McFadden, Hiscox
    BestJones, Mitchell, Goodes, Robinson

    Round 2 @ Spotless Stadium
    GoalsHiscox 3, Membrey 2, Nankervis 2, P.Mitchell, Lloyd, B.Jack, McCaffrey, Hewett

    Round 7 @ SCG
    GoalsMembrey 4, Towers 2, Roberts-Thomson 2, Perris 2, Nankervis, Hewett, Robinson, Head
    BestDick, Membrey, Nankervis, Robinson, Jones, Marsh

    Round 13 @ SCG
    GoalsDick, Nankervis, Dobson, Towers, Membrey
    BestRoberts-Thomson, Biggs, Dickson, Hadden, Dick, Lockyer

    Round 20 @ SCG
    GoalsHiscox 3, Naismith 3, O'Keefe 2, Membrey 2, Hey
    BestWalsh, T.Mitchell, Jones, O'Keefe, Marsh, Towers

    Last Round
    Gold Coast Suns1.
    GoalsJ.Kelly 2, L.Behagg 2, D.Towers 2, T.Nankervis, A.Davis, L.Perris, S.McLaren
    BestD.Towers, H.Marsh, Z.Jones, A.Davis, X.Richards, T.Derickx

    UWS Giants9.413.819.1025.12162
    GoalsJ.Lamb 5, J.Pickett 4, D.Addison 4, A.Tomlinson 3, J.Stewart 3, T.Bugg, C.Hampton, J.Cornell, T.Golds, J.Townsend, T.Downie
    BestA.Kennedy, J.Townsend, J.Steele, C.Marchbank, J.Pickett, P.Ahern

    Team List
    Listed players
    9Abe DAVIS15724 
    13Toby NANKERVIS111512 
    14Craig BIRD6617 
    17Jack HISCOX131410 
    19Tom DERICKX12310Senior emergency
    28Nic NEWMAN13512 
    30Sean McLAREN15148 
    31Harrison MARSH14231Senior emergency
    36Aliir ALIIR13110 
    43Lewis MELICAN200 
    45Jordan FOOTE12412 

    In: Bird, Foote
    Out: Zak JONES (seniors), Dean TOWERS (seniors), Dan ROBINSON (collarbone), George HEWETT (concussion), Lloyd PERRIS (?), Xavier RICHARDS (senior emergency)

    An inopportune time to lose so many players as the side will enter this game with a season low 11 listed players. Losing key inside midfielders in Robinson, Hewett and Perris will necessitate a re-shuffle in the middle with the returning Bird, Davis and Foote likely to take the main on ball roles. Foote should also take on the burden of a run with role with Jake Barrett or Paul Ahern his likely target.

    Melican only played the 2nd half last week and it's likely he won't play the full game again this week as he is eased back into full fitness. Bird could also possibly be placed under a playing time restriction.

    Academy Players/Topups
    50Jake BROWN510 
    51Jack CAMPBELL420 
    52Nick FOSTER510 
    53Brayden KILPATRICK400 
    54Ryan HEBRON500 
    55Darcy BARON-HAY440 
    56Jake VEALE510 
    57Callum McFADDEN310 
    58Nathan COOPER620 
    59Sam WILSON220 
    60Lachlan BEHAGG450 
    49Eli PRESCOTT410Emergency

    In: Baron-Hay, Kilpatrick, Veale, Wilson
    James CUBIS, Jackson KELLY

    Brown impressed last week in a midfield role. Wilson, Baron-Hay and Behagg are taller types who can play at either end of the ground


    PlayerGamesAvg. Disposals
    Tom MITCHELL333.3
    Craig BIRD627.0
    Adam GOODES226.0
    George HEWETT1423.9
    Nic NEWMAN1123.8

    PlayerGamesAvg. Kicks
    Harry CUNNINGHAM218.0
    Nic NEWMAN1316.9
    Isaac HEENEY315.7
    Tom MITCHELL315.7
    Craig BIRD614.7

    PlayerGamesAvg. Handballs
    Tom MITCHELL317.7
    Adam GOODES212.5
    George HEWETT1413.4
    Craig BIRD612.3
    Daniel ROBINSON1111.4

    PlayerGamesAvg. Marks
    Dean TOWERS97.6
    Aliir ALIIR135.5
    Craig BIRD65.3
    Toby NANKERVIS115.3
    Nic NEWMAN135.2

    PlayerGamesAvg. Tackles
    Harry CUNNINGHAM28.0
    Ben McGLYNN47.8
    Isaac HEENEY37.7
    Tom MITCHELL37.3
    Jordan FOOTE126.0

    PlayerGamesAvg. Hitouts
    Tom DERICKX1227.0
    Sam NAISMITH823.1
    Toby NANKERVIS1119.8
    Sean McLAREN152.3
    Daniel ROBINSON111.8

    PlayerGamesAvg. Clearances
    Craig BIRD67.7
    George HEWETT147.4
    Adam GOODES27.0
    Tom MITCHELL37.0
    Daniel ROBINSON106.2

    Inside 50s
    PlayerGamesAvg. Inside 50s
    Dean TOWERS96.1
    Adam GOODES26.0
    Brandon JACK115.1
    Harry CUNNINGHAM25.0
    Ben McGLYNN45.0

    Rebound 50s
    PlayerGamesAvg. Rebound 50s
    Nic NEWMAN135.1
    Xavier RICHARDS133.4
    Aliir ALIIR133.2
    Harrison MARSH142.7
    Tom MITCHELL32.3

    PlayerGamesTotal Goals
    James ROSE1317
    Toby NANKERVIS1116
    Sam NAISMITH814
    Sean McLAREN1514
    Dean TOWERS913

    Coaches Votes
    PlayerGamesTotal Votes
    Harrison MARSH1431
    Abaina DAVIS1524
    Daniel ROBINSON1122
    Zak JONES1021
    George HEWETT1421

    NEAFL MVP Votes (public count stopped at Round 18)
    PlayerGamesTotal Votes
    Harrison MARSH1227
    George HEWETT1225
    Craig BIRD620
    Jordan FOOTE1217
    Brandon JACK1115

    UWS Giants (listed players in BOLD)
    B:2. Curtly HAMPTON47. Jeremy FINLAYSON15. Tim GOLDS
    HB:48. Alex JOHNSTON20. Adam TOMLINSON49. Connor OWEN-AUBURN
    C:39. Brydon HODGSON43. Jake BARRETT26. Jarrod PICKETT
    HF:50. Sam REID52. Jock CORNELL54. Tom FAUL
    F:46. Dylan ADDISON36. James STEWART11. Jed LAMB
    Foll:44. Tom DOWNIE41. Harrison HIMMELBERG31. Jacob TOWNSEND
    Int:13. Paul AHERN30. Lachie PLOWMAN40. Adam KENNEDY
     55. Matthew FLYNN  
    Emg:Lyndon HUPFELD  

    In: Faul, Himmelberg, Hodgson, Owen-Auburn, Reid
    Out: Tomas BUGG, Caleb MARCHBANK, Jack STEELE, Dylan MacDONALD, Harrison MacREADIE

    Players to watch:
    • Curtly Hampton - a very attacking half back who loves to run and create. Averages more inside 50s than rebound 50s.
    • Jed Lamb - Leading goalkicker for the Giants NEAFL team, he has spent this year playing exclusively as a small/medium forward. He has had some great one on one duels with Marsh in the past 18 months and that matchup is likely to happen again.
    • Paul Ahern - Pick 7 in the 2014 draft, has been a little overshadowed by the likes of Kelly, Steele and Barrett but with Steele and Kelly not playing will be one of their key ball movers
    • Adam Tomlinson - Played as a key defender in Round 13 and could reprise this role as the Giants senior side has a possible vacancy with Phil Davis out.
    • Jarrod Pickett - Pick 4 in the 2014 draft. The Giants are prepared to be patient with Pickett, and he has learnt his craft in the NEAFL this year. He had a relatively slow start to the year but in the last 5 rounds has really hit top form kicking 14 goals in total. Pickett could be a testing proposition for one of our small defenders such as Newman.

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    Match being streamed live

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    Great as usual ugg! But this one could get ugly considering all our outs!

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    wonderful preview Ugg. If we win this it will be a miracle. I will start calling Marty God. Very little hope due to injury unfortunately. But it will be good to see the few listed players that are there play again. I am looking forward to seeing Melican play a longer game. Foote was impressive oin the matches I have seen and look forward to seeing him again too. He is a hard bugger. He'll make the GWS players earn their stripes.

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    Halftime Us 4.4 28 Them 8.12 60

    Undermanned but toppies generally competing well. A little let off by their wastefulness but generally speaking can't be too unhappy with that effort.

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    Didn't see much of Melican or Bird in the latter part of the 2nd qtr. Hope it's just time management and not something more sinister.

    Tom Derickx spent so much time on his knees I thought he was a Spotless Stadium groundskeeper.

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    Just turned the stream on with around 5 mins to go in the 3rd (working well for a change I must say!) and didn't see any sign of Bird or Melican?

    The undermanned Swans are well down at 3 qtr time 95 to 30. On a positive note the commentators did mention how well Newman has played in an understrength side!

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    Bird and Melican sitting on the bench not looking amused at proceedings. Don't look injured so probably time management.

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    Sydney Swans
    Goal Kickers: J. Hiscox 2, J. Campbell , B. Kilpatrick , A. Aliir , S. Wilson
    Best Players: , A. Aliir , C. Bird , T. Derickx , T. Nankervis , J. Hiscox , N. Newman

    Southport upset Uni today so it's likely we will stay in Sydney for week 1 of finals. Either uni 4th and Us 5th or vice versa

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    It's not often that your team gets beaten by 80 points and feel that's a good outcome. The Swans were undermanned all day and while they competed hard in the first half, they fell away in the second when their resource shortfall was compounded Bird and Melican being withdrawn in the last quarter resulting in only one available bench rotation spot. It became so desperate near the end of the game that the two ruckmen were both in the centre bounces, one as the ruckman and the other the ruck-rover. Quite a funny sight.

    Of course UWS's profligacy helped the margin and it would easily have been a 100 point thrashing had they kicked 26.16 and not 16.26. But you can hardly fault the efforts of most of the players who were visibly exhausted at the end of the game. In particular many of the toppies put in a great shift defensively even if some of them look about 65kg wringing wet

    Bird played just short of 3 quarters, but also spent relatively long periods on the bench during the game. When he was taken off for the last quarter, he didn't seem to have any icing or treatment done, just sat on the bench still in his playing gear but not looking happy. Melican didn't play the first quarter, came on in the second, made a few mistakes and then sat next to Bird for the last quarter. Given that he was 'rested' for the first quarter, his withdrawal is more likely to be health related but it's hard to be 100% sure.

    Bird was by far our best midfielder (some might say the only true midfielder in the team), even with a hard tag employed by Barrett. But with a limited forward line to kick to, his impact was quite muted. Foote and Davis were the other main (listed) midfielders. Foote had showed some nice skills and vision when he had the ball but alas these instances were few and far between. He worked tirelessly around the ground though and is a good tackler. Davis impressed with his non stop running all game and is showing more confidence with each game he plays. The Swans will have to work out what his role would be in the seniors though and prepare him for that role because I doubt it will be in the inside midfield role that he is currently occupying in the ressies.

    Nankervis made his presence known in the ruck and up forward with his physicality but had little impact as a key forward. He's a clever player whose solid footskills belie his big, lanky frame. Derickx probably received a little more of the ruck time, and while he broke even with Downie in the ruck, his play around the ground left a lot to be desired at times. Twice he took strong marks around the ground but subsequently undid his good work by poorly disposing of the ball. The first on he kicked it straight to Tomlinson 15m away and the second trying to put a kick over the top into space for a teammate but making poor connection with his boot and had it dribble across the boundary line 5m away.

    Aliir's attack on the football was very exciting and he more than held his own in the early exchanges against Tomlinson. However some of his kick-ins, and he wasn't the only culprit, were atrocious turnovers leading to direct scoring opportunities for the Giants. Newman was very, very busy down back and he struggled against taller opponents who ran him ragged and then outmuscled him in marking contests. He was absolutely spent in the 2nd half, and had trouble getting from contest to contest.

    Hiscox played mainly off half forward and a wing and with his pace was a valuable conduit to the forwards. But again struggled to get much of the ball especially in contested situations. McLaren started the game as a forward and finished as a defender - looks more natural in defence as he struggles to demand the ball up forward as a key tall target.

    UWS 3.8 8.12 13.17 16.26 (122)
    Swans 3.1 4.4 4.6 6.6 (42)

    Goal Kickers: A. Tomlinson 3, M. Flynn 3, J. Townsend 2, J. Pickett 2, J. Cornell , D. Addison , J. Lamb , H. Himmelberg , J. Barrett , C. Owen-Auburn
    Best Players: , S. Reid , J. Finlayson , D. Addison , L. Plowman , A. Kennedy , A. Tomlinson

    Goal Kickers: J. Hiscox 2, J. Campbell , B. Kilpatrick , A. Aliir , S. Wilson
    Best Players: , A. Aliir , C. Bird , T. Derickx , T. Nankervis , J. Hiscox , N. Newman

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    Jack Hiscox interview a few days ago shows what a good speaker he is. No umm's, aahs, etc.

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