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Thread: Round 20: UWS Giants v Sydney Swans Reserves @ Spotless Stadium

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    Hey ugg when do the teams come out for the reserves and where can you find them?

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    14,170 usually about midday Friday but sometimes they are tardy and it's an hour or two later

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    Cheers thanks ugg. Hoping that Callum Mills plays this week! I believe its going to be on the neafl YouTube channel again!

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    I don't think McLaren is a good enough pack mark or even mark on the lead to be a forward. He seems to drop even simple marks at time and would be better in the punching back role. He obviously has trouble with the lead up role of a forward. His rucking isn't too bad and he seems to be able to belt the ball a good distance from the contest. I haven't seen him back since the preseason so am not sure. If I remember rightly he seemed more comfortable even then back.

    With many players coming back this wekk it should give us a good idea juse where the list is at this stage.

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