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Thread: Who would you like to play in week 1?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcsquirta View Post
    Horks... I wanna do them slowly! Long... hard... and Slowly!
    Don't know how to edit this, but it's meant to be more Paul Keating than ze Pizza delivery guy. :O

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    I thought of a scenario where Hawthorn would prefer to play Freo instead of WCE, so they try to lose against Carlton in order to drop to 4th place. Their pct is so large they can't drop out of the top 4. We have no choice but to win or else we could drop out of the top 4 on percentage if we lose. So effectively the Hawks could force us into 3rd place and a 1st round final against the Eagles.

    It would make for an interesting game between Hawthorn and Carlton, because Carlton would want to lose as well so they can stay in 17th in order to get Weitering in the draft. Even if it ends in a 0-0 draw, both sides win because Carlton would be lower on percentage compared to the Suns unless the Suns lost by a big margin to Swans. The Swans could also play for a draw to counter the Hawks

    My predictions for next week:

    Hawthorn 0 Carlton 0
    Swans 231 Suns 0 (Malceski breaks record for rushed behinds).

    AFL adds 2 years to Swans trading ban for NOT tanking.

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    I'm happy to take what I see as the easier path to the big prize, so Freo.
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    Whether we like it or not we need to win both games or we'll drop out of top 4, because of our poor percentage. If we stay in top 4 it will be either Freo or WC in Perth depending on the outcome of their games. If any of them drops a game the other wins a MP and we'll play them first week in the finals. I don't think the Hawks will drop a game, but then they might rest some of their players, so everything is possible.

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    one half of the process is done, with a nice percentage boosting win against the saints. Worse case scenario where we lose to gold coast, we could still be over taken by either Richmond or Bulldogs.

    If richmond win, their margin plus sydney's losing margin needs to be around 40 points
    If bulldogs win, their margin plus sydney's losing margin needs to be around 120 points

    I'll be cheering on the Kangaroos on friday night!

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