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Thread: Mr September for 2015

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    Mr September for 2015

    With the injury to Kizza who can be our Mr September (ala Mitch Morton 2012). Maybe Benny or Craig Bird.
    Put forward your nominations.

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    To be honest i think our chances are low with these injuries.

    But i vote tippet

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    Isaac or Tommy

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    I was thinking more along the lines of who hasn't played a large part in the season so far as to how many games they have played. Mitch came in very late in the season and then played every game.

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    Tommy will be the difference between us making it to the GF or not. If he plays his best he can't be stopped and at the moment we seem to have the ability to finish if Mitchell can get the ball out and moving into open space (then again our last three opponents have not been finals quality).
    I may be slow on the band wagon with Mitchell but last night he stood out against everyone (apart from Hanners) on the field. He got more of the ball and got to more contests. If this way all due to holding him back for whatever the reason was I applaud Horse and the Footy department. Well played.
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    Henry and Rose . They could put us into the the big dance again .

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    Be awesome to fly to Perth to see the two finals this weekend ... It would be intoxicating as Kelli Underwood would say.
    Have to organise some crowd funding ... Or do the Swans require an extra water boy.. It's pretty darn hot over there eh ..

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    Ok. I'm not a fan of this bloke but last night i saw a glimpse of something i hadn't seen before. You heard it here folks, Mr September 2015 will be Dean Towers.

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    I'd love it to be Benny McGlynn.......

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    Craig Bird

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    BJ looks a different player this year...

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    I know who it won't be - Lloyd goes missing big time in the pressure games.

    Last night against a team with nothing to play for, was a passenger for most of the night.

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