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Thread: Semi Final: Sydney Swans v North Melbourne Kangaroos

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    Because the long term prosperity of the Swans (and Giants) and therefore AFL in Sydney is by developing the local market.

    When the quality of NSW players entering the AFL is enough to populate the 2 AFL teams. (Give or take a few playing elsewhere, and few non-nsw playing for us), then we will be self sufficient and untouchable.

    The NEAFL is a vehicle for that. If its not strong enough, make it stronger.

    Bolstering the VFL with our reserves players does nothing for NSW footy.
    I think they might finally be on the right track with the NEAFL so I tend to agree with your post from a long term perspective even if short term we would be better in the VFL or SANFL.

    I think there needs to be a further rationalisation of the NEAFL to increase the quality. The ACT Teams need to become one team (Ainslie you'd think) that becomes a defacto ACT rep team that draws on the Riverina as well.

    That will leave a 10 team comp that should be fine for our development purposes. Over time as the academy players come through to senior football the top ups should become better and the overall standard should improve.

    Reckon in 5 years the NEAFL will be quite a lot stronger than it is now

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    There will be just one Canberra team in the NEAFL from next year. I think it is actually Eastlake, not Ainslie. Ainslie has withdrawn from the competition.

    I don't really see what is wrong with the current set-up. A couple of the non-reserves teams are quite strong. and most of the teams have been successful in attracting ex-AFL players, even the weaker ones. I don't see much evidence that the NEAFL isn't developing players to come in and play senior footy. Most of our debutants have equipped themselves reasonably well. I don't see we are lagging that far behind - if at all - the other clubs.

    A national reserves competition might be seen as the ideal, but the costs would be prohibitive - not just the travel but the need for extended lists or, at least, higher paid top-ups. We and the other northern clubs are relatively fortunate in that we have pools of academy youngsters to use, and while all four teams do the same, the teams balance out reasonably well. If we were to participate in a national reserves completion, most of the academy players wouldn't be up to competing if the other clubs had more seasoned supplementary players. And the Victorian teams don't have pools of young players to pick from. For the competition to work, I reckon you'd have to align TAC cup squads with Victorian reserves teams to provide them with a bigger pool choose from, even if the base lists were larger.

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