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Thread: The GWS Academy is a farce

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    Keeping nsw players in nsw is a good thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Keeping nsw players in nsw is a good thing. and parents of kids in other zones of GWS' Academy might see these results and be more inclined to want to join.
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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Keeping nsw players in nsw is a good thing.
    GWS's "Academy" selections were Riverina boys - Melbourne is closer to home for them.

    Whilst I love seeing Riverina lads made good (being originally from there myself), that GWS can capture these guys through an 'Academy' is a farce and should be called out as such.

    When they produce a Western Suburbs lad, be it Anglo, indigenous, Muslim, islander, Asian or whatever, that will be a real win for their Academy and when they'll take a decent step towards acceptance from the community they're meant to represent. Until then they're an 'Academy' in name only.

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    It's far from ideal having players eligible that they haven't done much to develop, but if that part of their zone was removed, we'd inevitably have to give up part of ours in any redistribution. Whilst our zones aren't AFL strongholds, ours would have a huge share of the NSW athletic/sporting talent that has been playing in highly competitive junior competitions in other codes - so a considerable upside in terms of 'converting' elite young sporting talents into AFL players. We wouldn't want to lose any of that to have to give to GWS.

    I have less of a problem if GWS are genuinely promoting and developing junior talent in the Riverina and surrounds, even if that is boosting junior participation more than being a 'finishing school' like our academy is set up to be. Then at least they are adding to the overall talent pool - but if they are doing nothing and just benefiting whenever talented juniors become eligible, that's a different story.

    In any case, the upside of the bidding system is that all other clubs also have to pay a high price for their eligible talent if it's good enough, so GWS won't be getting any academy graduates for free at draft time anyway.

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    Not sure how the Swans academy works but $500 for a tracksuit top,bag and singlet to be involved in the GWS academy is a good money earner. Where I am there would be 150 plus kids forking out that money. Say that's the same same for 6 zones that's $450000. Draft 4 guns from that area and keep the money coming in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 111431 View Post
    The fact that the Lions and GWS were able to secure so many picks from their academies calls into question the ROI on our academy. Yes we got Mills and last yr Heeney (which are both great selections) but it does not bode well for us if the cupboard looks bare for the future. I know GWS have the Riverina but what is Brisbane doing to be able to develop its kids that we are not ? Our academy has operated for quite a few yrs but our pickings have been relatively slim except for 2 above and tweety Bird.
    It's a bit random each year. Brisbane haven't had much til this year. Last year we had three.

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    Quote Originally Posted by R-1 View Post
    It's a bit random each year. Brisbane haven't had much til this year. Last year we had three.
    When can we expect Jack Hiscox an Abe Davies to get a gig in the seniors?

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    Both were emergencies at times last year so they can't be that far off in the coaches' eyes.

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