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Thread: Jared Crouch BOG?

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    I would like to see Crouch tried as a non tagging midfielder now and then.He is quick and takes players on and loves a goal.

    I thought Tadgh had a good game.I hope he gets moved up to the wing so he has more opportunities to kick running goals.

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    Its good to see how its always like this. Such a great number of good performers all the time. Same story in the goal kickers tally too.

    I've actually always been a big fan of crouchy because I've always liked the fast players. He's been quiet for a long time now and today just showed that he still has what it takes. I wonder what his tally is in "games in a row".

    Tadgh Kennelly was a surprise too. I think some of us probably thought that he would be a bit ginger. Theres just too many other good performers to mention...

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    Re: Jared Crouch BOG?

    Originally posted by Cheer Cheer
    Well what a performance!
    I don't think I have seen the little fella play so well!
    Not only negated Farmer, but was more than handy the other way.
    IMO - BOG.
    Roosey agrees with you

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