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Thread: RWO Game Day Thread - Round 1 - April 2-3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norris Lurker View Post
    Well, the season is now under way. For some, there's the relief of a first-up win, for others the realisation there's more work to do. But premierships aren't won in the first round. Were you at any games today? What were your impressions? Who's going to do well, who's going to struggle?
    We went to see Baulko v Penno in the GF rematch and unfurling of the flag. Wow, Baulko looks scary. As I wrote previously, they have retained the core of last year's team and they look pretty determined to do well this year. Best by my reckoning were Anderson, McConnell, Emery and Gemmell. John Vlatko went off in the first quarter with some sort of soft tissue injury.
    I thought Penno was ok but nothing better than that. Came good in the second half when it was all decided but were cruelled by seven 50 meter penalties, mostly at the Baulko end, that resulted in a lot of Baulko goals. Last year, it seemed that discipline was Penno's strength, but not last night.
    Be warned, all who are to take on Baulko this year.

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    The Dragons have had a busy off season, and with the work, logistics and "leap of faith" required to field 2 new teams (u/19 Div 2 and Div Four) a good start was always important to give them momentum into what could be a long season.

    With the added challenges of first round away games at opposite ends of Sydney, they couldn't have had a better start!

    The 19's Div 2 side travelled to Monarch Oval and enjoyed a good win against the Blues (good to see them fielding a competitive side too). All credit to the work and vision that Andrew Wynn and the other hard working committee members and volunteers have put into the Dragon's Academy, and nice that the AFL finally saw the light and allowed them to field this team. The outcomes will not only be positive for St George, but for the code.

    At the other end of the age spectrum and on the other side of town, the "new" (mostly recycled, but with plenty of brand newbies to the game as well!) Div 4 side were able to wear down a well drilled Manly Wolves in a good quality contest. Played in great spirit, the result was always in the balance, with the home side getting to within a kick late in the final quarter. Special mention must go to the back 6, led by Panda, who has certainly lost none of his silky skills or athleticism during his hiatus from the game Big pat on the back for new coach Tom Cleary (with massive assistance from the Preso), and not just for the win. The first challenge was met by getting 20 guys + support staff to Weldon Oval at 9:30 am for a game of footy on such a beautiful sunny Saturday. The second challenge was introducing them all to each other, and most of them knew one another's name by the end of the game!!! Tom has assured everyone he will be leading the way on the training track for the remainder of the season, with fitness the major goal. Well done Tom!

    Building on that early success, both the u/19's Div 1 and Premier Division sides enjoyed dominant wins, and at the end of the day, the Dragons had made a major statement as a club, with a very rare "clean sweep" at Weldon Oval, in the far northeastern reaches of GWS territory (good grief!).

    This sets up for a massive Round 2 Home Day at Olds Park next week, featuring all 5 teams, and the inaugural "Sunday Nite Lites" under the brand new floodlighting system.

    Punters should get a good night's sleep Saturday - u/19's Div 2 kick off the day at 9:00am and the day will culminate with the u/19's Div 1 who have the honour of christening the new lights with a 5:30pm bounce.

    The Premier Division fixture (3:00 pm) will be a cracker, matching the Prelim Finalists of the past 2 years, Dragons v reigning Premiers, Penno Demons.

    The Dragons will be keen to atone for their nail biting 3 point loss in the penultimate game of the season last year, and The Demons will be looking to get back into winning form. This game promises everything, and is certain to challenge the Div 4 battle (11:00 am v UTS Bats) for top billing on Sunday. From what I am hearing, AFL TV are still undecided about which of those games they will be covering, and who could blame them!

    So, footy fan or not, if you are anywhere in the vicinity on Sunday after church, you will be nowhere if you don't get yourself down to Olds Park ... Do Yourself a Favour!!!
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    I just noticed Kipper kicked 13 goals for Balmain Div5 against Penrith last weekend.
    Now Kipper is a great bloke and all but surely they might put a defender on him after he kicks a few goals.
    After all, his best days were back in the 90s. Kipper aint retiring with anything left in the tank that's for sure.
    He would have been unbearable after the game.

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    Also did you notice that a certain ex Balmain player/coach (who has been mentioned a bit on this forum) kicked 11 for his new club.

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    How do you kick 11 goals out of 16 but not make it into the Best 6 ?? Either he is extremely modest or else the selection panel has already decided that he is not worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by justabaraker View Post
    How do you kick 11 goals out of 16 but not make it into the Best 6 ?? Either he is extremely modest or else the selection panel has already decided that he is not worth it.
    Bit of a stretch. Would be fairly pointless naming himself in the teams best players. There's no point. When he was at Balmain he rarely named himself in the best players, though he clearly was their best player.

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