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Thread: Is it already Killing Season 2016 (List Management) after 2 rounds

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    Quote Originally Posted by gazza View Post
    3 obvious gaps to include rookies on the senior list. sorry ted Richards, mcglynn and derrix maybe hiscox too we need the space
    This give us 2 live picks and 2 elevations; no trade-ins. So this would be the bare minimum. I think we need another couple going out, but hard to say who they should be. XR is probably playing for his future. The season still a few episodes left to play out.

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    Possible List changes at end of season

    I know we are still over 2 months away but I was looking at list and the potential of players who may be seeing for the last time over the next few weeks.

    Here are my thoughts on players that may not be with us next year. Some calls will be very tough and we will probably have limited changes, however I think you always need at least minimum 3 changes from your main list.

    Retired - T.Richards, McGlynn
    Delisted - Derickx (yes), Hiscox(possibly), Melican (rookie list), Murray (rookie list)
    Possibly Traded - Mitchell, Towers, Lloyd - I hope we keep both Mitchell and Lloyd but I think one of these will be possibly Traded

    To be promoted from rookie list - Papley (yes), Marsh (maybe), Newman (maybe)
    Stay on rookie list - Foote, Galloway, O'Riordan
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    I doubt we'll trade much at all, unless we have to offload players to poach an omeara type.

    But i agree with your retirements. I wouldnt discount mcveigh also hanging up the boots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    I doubt we'll trade much at all, unless we have to offload players to poach an omeara type.

    But i agree with your retirements. I wouldnt discount mcveigh also hanging up the boots.
    McVeigh is contracted for next year.

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    We have them where we want them, everything is going according to plan!

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    McVeigh won't retire he close to being the fourth player to play 300 games as a swan.

    Seriously doubt Lloyd will be traded he's playing his role better than Jetta ever did we've lost a lot of run over the last two years can't afford to lose another

    X is also out of contract next year

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    My thinking similar:

    TDx - delist
    Benny & Teddy - retire. I can't see Macca retiring.
    AJ - depends on how he's going with his comeback from 5th knee reco - entirely plausible we delist, if only to pick him up as a rookie.

    Possible trades if the players want out: Mitchell, Nank (if he feels Naismith is overtaking and he has a chance of more game time elsewhere), Towers (I have lost faith in him, as of last week, unchanged this week),

    Possible delist: Hiscox, Galloway. Both are project players and it depends on whether they are showing signs that they may still make it one day. Is very early to say with Galloway but he needs to show more than he was a few weeks back, which perhaps he has done. With Hiscox I tend to think they will keep him even though he hasn't been winning our hearts and minds.
    I don't see them delisting Melican or Murray. Melican is a young project player who has been injured although if there is stuff going on behind the scenes that might see him depart. Murray is a first year rookie who has shown a bit - why would we cut him so soon?

    Others where there could be question marks (not taking account of when they are contracted until which I don't know off the top of my head):

    Rose and Hewett - could be targeted by other clubs, especially in SA, and might be gettable when they come out of contract. Although I wouldn't think Hewett would leave if he's getting games, which he is.

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    X is out of contract at the end of this year

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    Sign him up.

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