Yes I watched it. Moments of pretty good. But its for four quarters isn't it. They were willing and into it, but too much of it inept and not worthy of a curtain raiser. Perhaps one in 15 of the players could mark/catch the ball. Few could kick it, and as for handballing.....

Long long way to go ladies. Can see it being a good tournament in the future, one day, down the track, with a hell of a lot more training.
Good to see cropped hair, long blond ponytails and head scarfs in the mix tho.
Harsh observation is that they played like girls (as the ground announcer insisted on calling them) and not like women. Too harsh? Don't think so. I had to sit through it.

The GWS and Swans ressies were dudded in my opinion. Again. They should have been on show.