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Thread: Changes for Rnd 6 V Brisbane.

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    I heard the SEN interview and it was Francis Leach interviewing him who suggested Hiscox was debuting because he was named on the extended bench. By the sounds of it it was just a mistake by Leach and Harley never made it sound like it was happening, he just sort of went along with it.

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    He reminds him of the guys, close-set, slow, and never rattled, who were play-makers on the team. (John Updike, seeing Josh Kennedy in a crystal ball)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Luke Shannon View Post
    When does the time come for some player management. Papley and Mills are first year players and have played five straight games. They have played at the large Adelaide Oval and now on the wet and heavy SCG. Their young bodies must be starting to feel the pinch.

    When do they get their "general soreness break"? They won't be able to sustain this level for the whole season.
    Every player is different.
    We tend to have players who play for a LONG time without a break - some since debut.
    I would exoect each player to be looked at and talked to constanly to gauge whether they need a rest.

    Of course most won't ever say "I need a week off" so it's up to the staff to tell when they do.
    I would expect them to have some tools on hand to help them define this.

    If Papley is feeling top notch, then let him play on...
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