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    Tom Papley

    Super impressed with Papley's form so far this year. Anyone keen to learn more about his background, check out this video. Tom Papley: From Bunyip to the Sydney Swans - YouTube

    Go Bloods.

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    Not in this article, but was in some other, the reason Tom chose #41 was because of Shane Mumford.

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    Tom was on the "Dyl and friends" podcast, definitely worth a listen. He explains the reason he wanted to move back to Melbourne was for his Dad that has mental health issues. Really impressive guy, so glad he's chosen to stay a Swan

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    Decent article on the official site recording Papley reaching 200 goals: Papley goals milestone.

    According to the article:

    - The 24th Sydney/South Melbourne player to 200 and in his 130th game, the 13th quickest.

    - The first player from the 2015 draft to 200 goals and has the second most games from that draft class behind Clayton Oliver.

    Suspect he'd top a value-for-pick metric calculating output against draft position.

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