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Thread: They are at it again. GWS under the pump

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    Thats rubish. Premierships are built on more than draft picks. Its the melbourne media's obsession with draft picks that makes all this BS up. If that was the case, then Melbourne the tankers would be flag favourites.

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    Mcs and Mug Punter. The two resident baboons agreeing on something stupid. Who would have thunk it.
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    I want the afl to succeed in sydney.

    I want gws to have a stack of quality players that no cap can sustain so swans can poach.

    I want an all sydney GF.

    I have a giants membership but didnt pay for it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 707 View Post
    The numbers of high draft picks was on the Crows BF board just this week, it was broken into 1-10 and 11-20 categories. Here's the numbers that includes players like Heeney, Mitchell and Viney where they should have been drafted not where they were.

    Swans 6 x 1-10, 1 x 11-20
    Demons 11 x 1-10, 4 x 11-20
    GWS 18 x 1-10, 7 x 11-20
    Thanks 707 - interesting indeed. Had forgotten just how many the dees managed to pillage over that time. It does show the importance of list management in it all really. THe stats across all teams would be interesting and how it correlates to overall performance over an extended period.
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    Shame that a small minority of posters have resorted to being abusive towards others. Kinds of spoils things for the rest of us.

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