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Thread: Round 6: Sydney Swans Reserves v Gold Coast Suns Reserves @ Blacktown

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloody Hell View Post
    From what I've seen, and it is only via streaming from 12,000km's away, is that he doesn't give 100% - 100% of the time. He picks and chooses.

    Otherwise he looks a likely type.
    He possibly doesn't have the fitness base to given 100% all the time. He's only played a handful of games back after what has been almost two years with no continuity to his football. He needs a decent run of games with no more injury or sickness (his absence included a bout of glandular fever last year) before we can judge him on his consistency of effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ugg View Post
    Sometimes it's hard to tell from the stream but I'm pretty sure he wasn't on the field from the 2nd quarter onwards. Either that or he did a very good job of hiding his 200+cm frame in our forward line.
    Leo Barry was good as the invisible player when he played forward. I swear I saw him having a beer with the boys in the Southern Stand at the MCG, during the second quarter of a game.

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