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Thread: GWS and it's impact on your club - Please Answer

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pekay View Post
    So it would seem there is little future focus on kids in the greater west if that's the case. Kurrajong to Pennant Hills or Cherrybrook is a big ask. 40km the way the crow flies. Might just move to Melbourne!
    That's only if you insist on North harbour comp though. Baulko and Kellyville kids will still naturally flow through to ECE, and I'd hope that having two more strong clubs in the WS comp would lift the standards of the competition somewhat over time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rowdy#8 View Post
    There's alot more to the academies and pathways programs that you'll here about from the Age or by listening to Damien Barrett or Eddie.

    Let's take Conner Owen-Auburn as a case study. At 13, he was dominating at the St.Clair club. Pre academy era, he most likely would be carried on, being coached by his teammates dad, continuing to dominate lesser talented kids before maybe going on to a prem division club and getting by on natural ability. But, with the GWS academy in place, he had the opportunity to be coached by top level coaches, get expert help with fitness and nutrition programs, and train/play with and against the best kids in the state and continually take his game to new levels. With the benefit of 4 years of top development, he played a bit of seniors last year at Penno as a 17 year old and did very well. TAC cup this year with a chance of being drafted or Rookie listed at the end of the year.

    Best case scenario is that he gets taken by an AFL club, gives other kids in the area a role model to aspire to, and one day brings that experience back into the Sydney AFL. Worst case, is that he is overlooked, comes back to Penno and our league has another top line player. Much better than the pre-academy scenario of player potential going to waste.
    Recent history tells us that he will be overlooked for a Riverina or ACT lad.

    But who can really blame GWS for taking the soft options, if the AFL does it ALL the time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cos789 View Post
    So you're saying Canberra is a part of Victoria?
    Really ... If you don't get it, don't be embarrassed to ask for an explanation, rather than saying something so obviously meaningless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by unconfuseme View Post
    It's fantastic if it was used to develop the code in a "greenfield" area, that is relevant to the new franchise, like oh, I don't know, let's say Greater Western Sydney!

    Not when it is spent developing the code in the Riverina and Canberra, which are as established as any other part of regional Victoria ... Get it?
    Must post here, small parts of the Riverina are as established as Victoria, the bulk of the Riverina and Canberra are currently and have always been split between a number of football codes.

    Whilst they have established comps they have are probably just as susceptible as any club in GWS's Sydney zone.

    They need to be developed like WS does, however they are further along the road due to historical reasons but there is plenty of competition for kids from different sports.

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