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Thread: Nathan Jones brother

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    Nathan Jones brother

    Nathan Jones brother Zac and Swampy Marsh

    it was interesting watching Jones on friday night as he appeared to play 70% plus of his minutes around the contest and not so much off the HBF where we saw Macca, Smith, Rampe, Swampy as the small to med backs primarily

    no doubt as the match ups against North was fairly tall in the forward line

    BUT i do think that Zac looked a little more comfortable in more of a 'run with' role and I am wondering if like Nathan Jones he will find his niche in the midfield ?

    It appears as observer that Zac is more of a see ball get ball player and because he is foot to the floor and brings tremendous intensity that he maybe more suited to being constantly involved in the midfield

    any thoughts ?

    re Marsh I suspect that bit by bit if not already he is starting to build the respect of his playing group as a very versatile back man who can muscle up on a 190cm tall and equally like a Rampe take on a small forward

    Swampy might also start to move someone like Zac Jones more into the midfield given that we already have Smithy and Macca playing on smalls in our backline as Harrison can execute his kicks a mile in front of Zac as well as play on a variety of players

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    I have enjoyed Zac's work from the start. Very intense, concentrates hard, bullet of a bloke (reminds me of Bulldog, but with much better engine). Won't die wondering that's for sure. He'd make a good but annoying run with, like Crouchy. If he can control his aggression, which looks like it has kicked in (Kirky??), I think I could trust him to know his job and to deliver. He reads the play well, has periphery vision. However, there is his kicking which one has to admit is not exactly elite. But.....

    I've often rated Swampy in the ressies. Best of all is his upward progression, barely plateauing at all. Its not been a steep climb, but it has been steady. Gets to contests, calm under pressure, makes good decisions, and can organise the troops into effective defense. Nice Work In Progress.

    When we can slot Nic Newman in, our future backline will be solid as. A couple of generals in the making. And then there is Allir.......

    Its interesting. This group of ressies and newbies in particular appear to have a better ground level grip of their games. They appear to have confidence, and a strong basis of knowledge as well as anticipation. We have either picked up a lot of kids who can read the game, or we have some exceptional coaches.
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    Seemed to be lining up on the wing for a number of the centre bounces.

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    When we first picked up Zak I thought he was a midfielder until some knowledgeable RWOer's informed me that he was indeed a backman.
    He did seem to be good around the contest. I would not mind if he served a tagging apprenticeship and then moved into the midfield group.
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