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Thread: Rnd.12 Match Day Thread. GWS V Sydney. 4.40pm at Spotless.

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    If I were an "anglo", I'd be offended.
    The fact is that the people of the west just aren't interested in the AFL and that's why GW$ will always struggle for members.
    It has absolutely nothing to do with ethnicity.
    The AFL will be propping them up financially for many, many years to come.
    Wild speculation, unsubstantiated rumours, silly jokes and opposition delight in another's failures is what makes an internet forum fun.
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones who let in the light.

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    You're entitled to be offended but not sure why and at what.

    Tbh I don't think there was much demand for afl/Vfl when the swans shifted and it's only due to exposure to the game locally that I follow it. Pretty sure the afl understands it will take time to build a following but not sure that we can say comfortably that they'll always struggle for members or a lack of interest.

    At the moment it's more than likely either a cannibalisation of the swans membership, people with two membership or afl expats who aren't drawn to the swans. Over time they'll have their own fans in the same way that we do imo.

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