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Thread: Round 16: Sydney Swans Reserves v Gold Coast Suns Reserves @ Blacktown

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    Well if that's the case then we must give Newman his chance! I've been saying this over and over for a long time but to me he looks ready and is just what we need in our backline!

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    Sydney v Gold Coast
    10: Xavier Richards (Sydney)
    7: Toby Nankervis (Sydney)
    5: Brandon Jack (Sydney)
    5: Isaac Heeney (Sydney)
    3: Nic Newman (Sydney)

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    But wasn't Heeney a cut above the rest?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico View Post
    But wasn't Heeney a cut above the rest?
    In terms of his obvious class, yes he was. That doesn't necessarily translate into his contribution to the result being the most important, or even to him being the most productive player.

    That's said, his contribution wasn't far off that of X or Nankervis, if it was below theirs. They were all very good.

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    Great to see Brandon up and about 34ish disposals ?

    Sometimes when certain players leave ressies it provides other fringe players like Brandon the opportunity to step up in leadership and role.

    with towers, Hewitt, Robinson, Lloyd, mills etc now more in Snrs.... Brandon is being given more opportunity to play a decent % inside as well as outside mid

    This opportunity is invaluable and like towers I have not given up on Brandon as yet.....just needs longer in the system but will be great value 2017 onwards me thinks to make serious depth and then from there who knows as we may see Heeney and or mills move to the midfield for more minutes in 2017 and opportunity will surface more upfront

    Mcglynn probably won't be back upfront in 2017 either

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