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Thread: Would Buddy make an all-time Swans team?

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    In Swans colours, I think Barry Hall is ahead of Buddy for power forward, as he has delivered a flag.

    I also think Josh Kennedy will push out David Murphy.

    Towers must be half a chance for a bench spot as well.
    Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    His odds are way rougher than that.
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    I don't know about being in our best ever team just yet, but without him I don't think we would have won as many games as we have in the period his been with the club.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodspirit View Post
    I am no great historian of the game but I was wondering, as brilliant as Lance Franklin is, could he make an all-time Swans team? Presumably Bob Pratt and Plugger would be selected ahead of him. But I still think we could, would and should make room for Buddy as a wingman or third tall forward. I presume none of the official honorary team selections have had to tackle this question because Buddy has yet been with us long enough - although he will have been by the time he sees out his contract! Does anyone think Buddy is not quite good enough to fit into an all-time 22? Or perhaps just hasn't done enough to earn it yet? Does it matter that the bulk of his career thus far has been played at Hawthorn? I just want to get our strongest all-time 22 out on the virtual park.
    Sorry, but this is a ludicrous post. The only thing I agree with is your own assessment that you are "no great historian of the game". If the question is whether he is one of the 22 most talented players to play in the red and white then you might have a point. Hell, he's probably already one of the 22 most talented players to ever pull on footy boots, across all clubs, across the history of the game. He has a sublime talent. But all-time teams for a club are about sustained, quality service to the club. Buddy has played 1.5 excellent seasons and 1 mediocre season for the Swans. He isn't even in consideration for our best ever 22 for another three seasons. At the moment, as someone else has suggested, he is still well behind the Wiz as a full forward (and dozens of other players I could reel off who aren't in our all-time team).
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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodspirit View Post
    While I'm at it looking at our latter day saints, I think we have to make room for Goodes too. A true champ!
    What about Kirky - could he get in? Probably not, much as I love him.
    Jude or Pebbles or Mickey O???
    What about Roosy as a player? Probably didn't play enough for the Swans but if we go the alternative route and look at his whole career he would be in strong contention.
    In order to qualify for the list, players must have taken to the field for at least 75 games for the South Melbourne / Sydney Swans Football Club and have either held a leadership role, won a club award, Brownlow medal, All-Australian or state selection.

    Roosey played enough games to qualify. Maybe not enough great games. 75 games, to me, seemed a l little unusual. Not 50? not 100? (which would have been no good, or Lockett wouldn't have qualified ...). & must have either held a leadership role, won a club award, Brownlow medal, All-Australian or state selection? That culls a lot. Lucky for future teams, a third of the side is in the leadership group these days ....

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    A better question is who would now be contenders to break into that team, taking the last 13 years into account. Goodes would be a lock. Other contenders?
    I'd say Micky O, BBBH, Jude Bolton, Ted, ROK, off the top of my head. Any others? We have lots of current greats too of course but I'm not considering them yet.
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    Similarly Wiz would seem to be behind Pratt as a high marking forward.

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