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Thread: History made - South to play in Sydney

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    History made - South to play in Sydney

    An on this day article on the Swans website, on this day the VFL voted for South to play 11 Sunday arvo games next year (1982) in Sydney.

    This was when I started barracking for the Swans, they were the sole VFL match telecast into Adelaide each week, from memory we got all 11 games and the "off" week got a game from Melbourne.

    We weren't very good but I came to love them as the almost constant under dogs.

    In the pic with the article, who is the player next to Dennis Carroll?

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    Wayne Carroll #18

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    The day my heart broke. I didn''t watch another game for 2 years. I'm at peace with it now but if the AFL announced tomorrow that the Swans were returning to South i'd scream with joy. My family were South people through and through and that's just the way it is.

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    I was playing for Pennant Hills at the time and one night after training we were given some forms to sign. The first turned out be a membership form for South (paid for by the SFL) and second was a voting form to say we wanted the move to Sydney.
    I was an Essendon supporter at the time but after some interest in my own game from the Swans a year later, I converted and haven't looked back since

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    Quote Originally Posted by 707 View Post
    An on this day article on the Swans website, on this day the VFL voted for South to play 11 Sunday arvo games next year (1982) in Sydney.
    And the sweetner for Victorian fans was that every game would be telecast live FTA into Melbourne
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    As I remember the Vic State Govt would not let the VFL play on Sundays, not sure if it was to protect the VFA which played on Sundays or if there was a religious involvement.
    Probably the first instance of TV determining the schedule.

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    I'm sure there was no mention of 6 day-breaks in those days

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