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Thread: JPK - Mr Finals

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    I repeat. Parker is two times Most Courageous MVP. This is a significant award. Oh, and All Australian too. He is just an awesome footy player.

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    Have no issue with Parks celebrations or Papley who celebrates every goal as his first. Wish more players celebrate the goal rather just be monotonous robots. Plus its not like he's doing Victor Cruz or Antonio Brown

    Quote Originally Posted by 56-14 View Post
    My biggest bugbear is our captaincy situation.
    Kennedy should be our sole captain.
    I'd prefer Parker as vice-captain.
    If we need to have a co-vice-captain from a north of the Murray aspect, I'd be happy with K.Jack.
    The two captain model works really well for us. If you have a sole captain you get the Messiah complex like Carlton, Richmond also Geelong and Hawks with Hodge and Selwood where there expected to do everything.

    Mills will captain the swans at some stage in the future.

    But i think Smith would be the perfect captain for some reason defenders are rarely captain aside from Weagles and Craig Bolton also Leo.

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    Ummm back on topic ... great to see JPK leapt into 2nd on the Gary Ayres medal count. Who knows where he'd be if Steve J hadn't sat him down last weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by goswannies View Post
    goswannette just mumbled something about "hands off AnnieH!" ... don't worry, I told her you saw him first & she's spoken for anyway!
    I totally saw him first. Good man.

    Quote Originally Posted by aardvark View Post
    Goodesy is not happy!
    Goodesy is fine. He understands that I like to spread the love.
    Wild speculation, unsubstantiated rumours, silly jokes and opposition delight in another's failures is what makes an internet forum fun.
    Blessed are the cracked for they are the ones who let in the light.

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    This thread has undergone renovations (for reasons anyone on here this morning will be aware of). Some otherwise OK posts may have landed up as collateral damage but none was relevant to JPK. Apologies if one of your posts falls into that category.

    Now re-opened for discussion.

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