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Thread: Preliminary Final: Swans vs. Cats

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daisi View Post
    Ahhhh Giant....I'll still be paying for it come Xmas....but YOLO- (you only live once) and who knows if I will ever get another chance to go to the MCG to see the Swans play a prelim?
    What the heck, you convinced me so much I went Cat 1 as well!! Section M55 - let's make sure we get the right result now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico View Post
    That's what happens when you take your eye off the ball when playing mixed netball Stevo.
    I think I was actually playing the man at the time.......gee the footy player used to come out in us back then, spoiling over the top by punching the ball, using hips and shoulders, speccies, all much to the ladies's disgust, and in the summer heat...a bit of biff and get sent off.....ah, good times!

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