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Thread: Match Day Thread. Prelim Final. Geelong V Swans. MCG 7.50

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    Can the game just start please?

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    My tip for a late change and I hope I'm wrong, but here it is....Rohan out, Harry in. I say this because I just saw on the news, footage of Swans training today and Harry looked really happy.....then again, maybe that was because he isn't playing. I know it's not much to go on, but I've put it out there........

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    Looks like being a perfect night for footy here. It was typical Melbourne grey gloominess this morning but the afternoon has been very pleasant. There's no breeze, light cloud cover. Bring on 7:50!
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    This is taking for ever..

    Tippett needs to have a good game take some pressure of Bud and bring the ball to ground which he's not great at. Nankervis played a really good game last week unlucky to miss out.

    Also Dangerfield had 8 free kicks in round 16, we had 12 last week

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    This is the PL we wanted , Minor Premiers, crossed over , saw off The in form Crows, bounced back from a few injuries, will get an 8 day break, have a long list of hard nuts to get this sorted.
    See off these pampered pussies and move on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dejavoodoo44 View Post
    Umpires for tonight: Donlon, Jeffery and...ughh...Stevic. Then again, since the Hawks aren't playing, he may not be too bad.
    At least its not Schmitt or Shmitt

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    Dangerfield will get 30+ possessions but more importantly, 10+ free kicks, with all of the 50/50 ones going against us along with some clearly dubious ones being called that we wouldn't get if it was Kennedy or Parker with the ball.

    That said, I am still moderately confident we can get over the line with this disadvantage!
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    swans by 26

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    No late changes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Levii3 View Post
    This is taking for ever..
    Longest couple of days I've had in a while. Almost here FINALLY.

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    If we bring the game we did last week we will win.

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    Break out game from two Swans tonight
    X with three goals plus with at least one from a tackle turnover and Jake to be among our best with great delivery to the forward line and a bonus goal.
    Swans by 32

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