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Thread: 2017 NEW team list

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    What about Johnson? Hopefully he should make a comeback next year and if he does he's in our best 22, surely?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ludwig View Post
    If Newman has a strong pre-season, and he's starting well, he should be given a crack at HB. At 24, there would be no point in upgrading him if we didn't think he was AFL ready. I thought he was our best reserves player last year, closely followed by Foote.

    Talia is the other one I see coming into the senior side. We might try Reg, AA and Talia as KPDs. AA and Talia are both attacking players. We are quite deep in defence now. Marsh and Laidler will have a hard time cracking the seniors unless we have injuries.

    I'm not counting on any of the new recruits having much influence this season, although I expect Florent will get a crack at some stage.

    The question about our forward line will rest mostly on whether Reid can have a season without injury and if we sign him up for another few years, as this is the year of his free agency. We still have Buddy for 6 more years. He's so dominant that it's hard for other key forwards to make an impact. I think we can muddle through until Nick Blakey comes along. Good key forwards are expensive, as we know, and we should do fine with Rohan, Dawson and Hayward playing supporting roles over the coming years. Those 3 can all score from outside 50, which should open space closer to goal.

    I see Macca fading out of the side and becoming a depth player unless he can rejuvenate this year.

    Hewett is the one who is the most natural replacement for Mitchell and would like to see him get increasingly more time at the stoppages. He's got good vision and skills and can kick well off both sides. He's not quick enough to be your ideal forward. When he gets the ball in the midfield he's good at hitting up the next target. Heeney and Mills can play anywhere and have and impact.

    Rose has some real talent and a bit of x factor about him. But certainly the pressure to step up this year will be on with Florent and Hayward breathing down his neck.
    I tend to agree with you. If this is going to happen then he should step aside as co-captain and hand it over to Luke Parker.

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    Kennedy ?

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    I like Kennedy and not being disrespectful to him, but I would prefer Parker and Hannebery as the next co-captains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder Shaker View Post
    What about Johnson? Hopefully he should make a comeback next year and if he does he's in our best 22, surely?
    I don't think we should expect too much of AJ in 2017

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    I agree. AJ may play seniors next year, but it won't be in the first half and it will be a remarkably good result.

    Likewise, I don't think it is very likely we'll play Maibaum next year in the seniors unless injuries force our hand.

    I passed by the Swans training at Lakeside this morning on the way to work and I'm about 80% sure I caught glimpses of all the 4 new lads. Florent seemed to be buzzing, as you would be. He kept kicking a ball he was carrying to himself, if you can picture what I mean. The squad seemed to be happy enough to be out there in the mild weather and doing some fun barefoot exercises on the grass. The senior players still aren't back. It's funny. It feels like the senior players are only a minority of the squad. There was one player I struggled to place before deciding it had to have been Dean Towers when I saw him again. Maybe I got confused with Leonardis. He didn't look the same although there was nothing obviously different him. Actually, if there are academy listed players that we plan on rookieing, is it possible they might have been there? I didn't notice Mills or Hewett but I'm sure there were several players that I wouldn't have registered as I wasn't there all that long and some of them were quite far away. I was mostly curious to see the new recruits.

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    This is what Gary Buckenara said about Hayward and Florent: "I wouldn't expect he or Florent to play much next year..."

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    That makes sense. I reckon Florent will play a similar role to Hewett but is less developed. They are both a bit skinny and young and need to build up their frames and tanks. Nevertheless it would be great if they do get a couple of games.

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    Looking at that best 22 squad for next year it's easy to see why we didn't offer Mitchell a bigger contract, lots of midfield depth! We've also got players up forward and in defence who would excel in the midfield if given the chance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billericay View Post
    This is what Gary Buckenara said about Hayward and Florent: "I wouldn't expect he or Florent to play much next year..."
    I hope his coaching record is a reliable guide to his judgement.

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    Paps, Tip, Rohan
    K.Jack, Bud, Hewett


    Smithy, AA, Mills
    Rampe, Grundy, Jones

    19. Macca
    20. Reid
    21. Laids?
    22. Towers?


    Hayward, Cameron, Rose
    BJack, Dawson, Murray


    Leonardis, Maibaum, Newman
    Oriordan, Talia, Melican

    19. Pink
    20. Edwards
    21. Fox
    22. Ronke

    23. AJ guessing round 6 onwards
    24. Fisher
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    List change analysis

    We traded 2 players for draft picks. We got pick 14 for Tom Mitchell and in a pick swap ended with pick 9, which is probably closer to the tight value. We used that pick to draft Oliver Florent, an agile quick midfielder-forward. I commented many times throughout the Mitchell saga that I thought the club wanted Mitchell out in order to get more pace into the team. This was the next move in the transition which saw ROK and Craig Bird lose their places in the side. It will likely continue next year with McVeigh retiring. No doubt TM was a very good player, but is more suited to Hawthorn than to the Swans, given their respective player mixes. I feel confident that Ollie was the best pick available, although the mid and latter parts of the 1st round were very close in talent.

    Darcy Cameron for Toby Nankervis seems a natural swap. It's too early in their careers to know how each will go when given 1st ruck opportunities, though it seem Toby will likely get his chance next season. For us, we are talking about the 4th ruckman. We run as deep as any club in ruck stocks, so no need to carry any more on our list at this time. We did well enough when both Tippett and Sinclair were out injured last year. No real substantive change here.

    Ted Richards and Benny McGlynn were good players for a long time that became part of the natural attrition due to age and injury. They didnít make that much of a contribution during the year. We have lots of young players moving up the ranks to fill their spots.
    Xav Richards and Abe Davis ended their careers under unusual circumstances. Xavís story was like the movie Awakenings, where he suddenly came to life mid-season only to fall back to his catatonic state at the end. Abe was a talented player who probably didnít meet certain training standards, which is disappointing. I hope he continues playing footy and tries to make a comeback.

    Derickx, Gallaway and Hiscox were just not good players and made no contribution to the senior team, nor had any prospect of doing so in the future, so any replacement has to be an improvement.

    We added 2 high quality prospects with our 2nd and 3rd picks in the ND in Hayward and Maibaum. Both have good pace and agility and have every chance to have long AFL careers.

    Sam Fisher seems a good replacement for McGlynn as small forward to support Papley in due course.
    Ben Ronke adds to our midfield. He could play as a small defender if need be.

    Robbie Fox started in defense and went into the midfield. Heís a serious contested ball winner and tackler.

    Shaun Edwards is a talented elusive outside player who may just need another chance in the right environment. Heís still young, but can step into a senior role if needed.

    Toby Pink is a speculative pick, but he is effectively the last player on our list. He is not without a chance. He has good height, has played well at all the KPP positions, can kick and mark the ball and is quite agile for a big man. Heís a big step up from Kyle Galloway.

    Every player weíve taken has good pace for their respective positions. The only senior player we lost that had pace was Benny McGlynn. Our 4 rookie elevations are all quick players. We should begin to see a different Swans team developing over these next couple of years. A team that moves the ball quickly and transitions well from defence to attack. Hopefully the new players bring the kind of skill set needed to make that happen.

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