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Thread: 2017 NEW team list

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    2017 NEW team list

    well with the addition of 9 new players we now know 4 of them

    Florent - Mid/HFF
    Hayward - HFF/FP
    Maibaum - Key Defender
    Cameron - Ruck/FF

    Im sure Florent as a minimum will make the top 22 before we know it.........But lets say we go with the following SNR team to start the season i.e. round is looking strong !!!!


    Paps, Tip, Rohan
    K.Jack, Bud, Hewett


    Smithy, AA, Mills
    Rampe, Grundy, Jones

    19. Macca
    20. Reid
    21. Laids?
    22. Towers?


    Hayward, Cameron, Rose
    BJack, Dawson, Murray


    Leonardis, Maibaum, Newman
    Oriordan, Talia, Melican

    19. AJ?
    20. ?
    21. ?
    22. ?

    23. ?
    24. ?
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    Very strong 22 in my eyes.

    Pretty spot on, I'd keep Laids in. He lacks pace but is very good 1 on 1. Plus we do have pace down there now with Rampe, Jones, Mills.

    Towers I think could start the season but I wouldn't be surprised if he comes in and out for Hayward or Newman.

    Fingers crossed Reid stays fit!! Will be a very handy player going from forward, wing, back. Wherever we need him.

    I like how you've put K.Jack in the forward line, smart player in tight.

    Also, I wouldn't be surprised if Hewitt got a bit of a rest this year. Nothing bad, I think they'll just test out more speed in the forward line.

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    I agree great looking 22 if we can get them all on the park at the same time
    Biggest issue to address in my opinion after the last couple of GF appearances is the mental scars those performances may have caused.
    We have the skill do we have the will?

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    Hopefully we can respond to the grand final loss the same way Hawthorn responded after 2012. We can only dream.

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    Great work Auntie!

    It took me ages to figure out who 'Cameron' was even though Darcy Cameron was the ruck I had been hoping we would draft. His name never got firmly fixed in my head and the part that did more so get remembered was 'Darcy'. I suppose you're right that in the NEAFL Marsh may play midfield and Leonardis back.

    I think it's too soon to make a call about whether Laids and Towers will play in the senior 22. We'll have to see what happens over pre-season. Who would have known 12 or even 9 months ago that Papley (and Hewett) would be in the senior 22 come round 1? Maybe some of Swampy, Newman, Florent, Hayward or Robbo will push one or both of them out?

    It's going to be a make or break year for BJ and maybe also Rose. The arrival of Dawson and, now, Hayward, is ominous, especially for Rose who is more similar to the other two than BJ I think, even though clearly BJ is closer to the exit door right now. Newman and Marsh both need to make significant inroads in the next season. They have COR breathing down their necks and I would think ultimately probably can't both last with the Swans. Likewise, provided they come on it is likely that, in time, they will push Laids out the door. But you never know. Hewett also needs to continue developing (and I think he will). Florent will put him under pressure but, fortunately for Hewett, he has a decent headstart. I hope they can both make it.

    Exciting times! I can't wait to see ressies next year! I can't wait for footy to resume! Summer is nearly upon us and hopefully the next two months will whiz by before Feb drags and then we can start focusing on the NAB Challenge matches.

    I reckon in the upcoming rookie draft we will draft another KPP and another ruck from our 5 selections. We probably also need to look at small forwards and defenders. I daresay the rookie draft isn't going to be where we find the KPFs we will ultimately need.

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    If Newman has a strong pre-season, and he's starting well, he should be given a crack at HB. At 24, there would be no point in upgrading him if we didn't think he was AFL ready. I thought he was our best reserves player last year, closely followed by Foote.

    Talia is the other one I see coming into the senior side. We might try Reg, AA and Talia as KPDs. AA and Talia are both attacking players. We are quite deep in defence now. Marsh and Laidler will have a hard time cracking the seniors unless we have injuries.

    I'm not counting on any of the new recruits having much influence this season, although I expect Florent will get a crack at some stage.

    The question about our forward line will rest mostly on whether Reid can have a season without injury and if we sign him up for another few years, as this is the year of his free agency. We still have Buddy for 6 more years. He's so dominant that it's hard for other key forwards to make an impact. I think we can muddle through until Nick Blakey comes along. Good key forwards are expensive, as we know, and we should do fine with Rohan, Dawson and Hayward playing supporting roles over the coming years. Those 3 can all score from outside 50, which should open space closer to goal.

    I see Macca fading out of the side and becoming a depth player unless he can rejuvenate this year.

    Hewett is the one who is the most natural replacement for Mitchell and would like to see him get increasingly more time at the stoppages. He's got good vision and skills and can kick well off both sides. He's not quick enough to be your ideal forward. When he gets the ball in the midfield he's good at hitting up the next target. Heeney and Mills can play anywhere and have and impact.

    Rose has some real talent and a bit of x factor about him. But certainly the pressure to step up this year will be on with Florent and Hayward breathing down his neck.

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    I'm backing Reid to have a great year and remind us why we are lucky to have him. He is still only coming into his prime. And Buddy is not our only useful KPF.

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    you know what I can't wait to watch JackMaibaum in the pre season

    he could easily turn out the best value player in the draft at pick 45 !

    he is extremely mobile and quick off the mark for a 194cm player and there is no reason he can't play a role in our backline in 2017 i.e. swapping with Rampe in playing one vs one then playing wide in counter attack.......this allows Rampe to then play a little more attacking for parts of the game

    JB has a very composed kick yet could go from playing on a 188cm agile med forward to playing potentially on a 192cm type mobile strong forward

    Serious young player and looks more agile then Laidler
    "everybody loves somebody..........sometimes"

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    Interesting that Parker was on hand to welcome the new draftees, I wonder if we'll have a captaincy change in 2017

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    Quote Originally Posted by Markwebbos View Post
    Interesting that Parker was on hand to welcome the new draftees, I wonder if we'll have a captaincy change in 2017
    I think that was because both he and Stevie J were in Sydney and they are both very handy players. Stevie J presented # 20 which he where he went and Luke presented # 40 which is where he went. If it had been held in any other state probable would have been other players.

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    Quote Originally Posted by controlink View Post
    Hopefully we can respond to the grand final loss the same way Hawthorn responded after 2012. We can only dream.
    Always thought our 2012 victory was like Hawthorns 2008; GF victory before time.

    Now if we can get a good run with injury, and not choose three underdone players to take into a GF, a period of sustained success beckons.

    Reid is the key; when fit and firing he can't be covered with Buddy and Tippo in the forward line.

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    Given half our games are at the scg and on this small field bud spends so much time close to the wing and running back towards the goal rather then a lead up mark having Rohan and Reid on the lead will just be awesome

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