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    Footy Commentators

    Watching PA v Richmond and hearing Dermott's dreary, repetitive commentary fills me with dread for the upcoming season. Pavlich in and Cometti out appear to be the main changes.
    So Dunstall, McGuire,King, Mooney et al are going to give us the same stale style of the last few years.
    They make the ch 9 cricket commentators sound fresh and exciting ( not really...they're just as bad),
    Ch10 made the change with their Big Bash team, and brought the game to life.
    Surely Fox and ch 7 can see change is necessary. All they have done is dust off the old fossils again....oh, and I didn't even mention BT!
    Guess it's another 'turn down the volume' and provide my own comments season.

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    As much as I can't stand Eddie, I don't mind his commentary.
    rarely hear it though.
    I think I've learnt to deal with whoever is on, mostly average to ok, sometimes suck, rarely great
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