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Thread: JLT Match 3 Sydney Swans v St Kilda @ Lavington Sports Ground

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    The Sainters look in a good place don't they.... They have two first round picks this draft and plenty of space in their cap if they want to go after a free agent. Reid could be a good fit for their forward line, just saying....
    I would think someone like Carlton or even Hawthorn is a more likely suitor - although maybe Hawthorn will go all in for Fyfe. It seems they may have the cap space and since Fyfe's a free agent they don't need to cough up picks that they don't have. The Saints, on the other hand, are pretty well stocked for talls and hopefully won't be targeting Reid. They need some more midfield guns. We need to just re-sign him. With the increased salary cap we should be able to. We have succeeded in signing a number of our key players on big contracts already and since the salary cap increase looks to be greater than it might have been we should have enough space to keep the players we want (Reid, Jones, Mills first among these and not necessarily in that order).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mug Punter View Post
    Very enjoyable pre-season match and I think both sides will take a bit out of that:

    Random comments and observations

    * Buddy mercurial and his field kicking is very very good, he looks set for a career best year
    * Tippo looked good and took some good contested marks, likewise I like young Darcy Cameron and whilst he is not quite ready yet I think he will be a very good player once he has a full season under his belt with us
    * Melican started well but faded and looked tired at the end, reckon if AA gets through the NEAFL game he is a lock for R1 though
    * Jones looked the best mid by a mile out there, sign him up guys, his value will only go up this year
    * Haywood - looks slick and there's something exciting about that kid but he is a fair way off senior selection atm but could see him playing back half
    * Florent has done enough to be selected R1 for mine
    * Marsh is unfashionable but gets the job done, he needs to just keep things simple, will go close to a R1 gig
    * Towers - not enough for mine to warrant R1 and even though it was a pre season match my heart still skipped a beat when he had the ball with 28 secs left on the clock; gets caught too often with the footy
    * Equally unconvinced re Robinson but he did himself no harm tonight with that effort
    * Good to see Parker fire up and he'll be in tip top shape R1

    Finally, some of the 15m interpretations tonight by those three blind mice were terrible, I'd make it 25m anyway but surely it cannot be that hard

    We're ready to rumble, bring on season 2017
    I don't agree re Marsh. He was crap. He held the ball too long and then gave it up after having it for an eternity, not once but three times. His stupidity caused three turnovers for 2.1 and it could so easily have been three if the player had kicked straight from directly in front. The reason I am so hard on Marsh is that his job is to not give up points (points are the whole score; the total between goals & behinds). I'm astounded his disposal efficiency is 75% but then again a kick in panic down the line to the opposition is efficient according to that mob.

    What have you got against Robbo. He was one of the best a field. 28 disposals, 1 tackle, 1.1. Second only to Lloyd in disposals, equal with JPK.

    I was impressed with all the rucks on the night. as for Darcy Cameron, he only got 45 minutes game time so I think a little harsh to mark him on that. His previous matches have been good. He can clunk the big mark and kick a goal from any angle by the looks. He only got about 55 mins in the last match too. Sam Naismith proved why he is our first ruck. Hickey is a quality ruckman and Sam was the one who blitzed him when he was in the ruck. When the others were opposing Hickey he was on top.

    As for the rest I agree.

    I was impressed with Sam Reid's effort tonight. He is in his natural position of CHF and this is starting to show. I have been a little disappointed with his progress up until now but last game he proved just how valuable he is in that spot. This gave the Budweiser the license to roam and how bloody damaging was he? Bloody big destruction. His field kicking is incredible if he doesn't brain fade. This forward line when they get used to each other is going to be incredibly strong.

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