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Thread: Vultures circling Sam Reid

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    My 200B was like that.
    I remember down the Mornington Peninsula one summer, I heard a funny noise from the engine. I stopped the car, popped the bonnet and realised it was the small amount of what that was left in the radiator boiling and bubbling.
    Turned the engine back on, found a hose from the front yard of a house and topped it up and kept on going.
    Fun times
    Brilliant! I had a 180B that was pretty much the same as yours. I delivered a lot of pizzas in that car, and it never gave out on me.
    Today's a draft of your epitaph

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    The tone so far is not suggesting he'll leave. It's a fair way from the dreaded "we're just going to focus on footy and wait till the end of the season"

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    Following this report I feel confident that he will renew his contract and stay with the club.

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