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Thread: Match Day Thread Rnd. 5. Sydney V GWS. SCG. 19.25 pm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ugg View Post
    One stat that I've seen that sticks in my mind is that despite being bottom of the ladder we are still ranked number 1 in conceding marks inside 50, i.e. we've conceded the least amount of marks inside 50. Which means the majority of our goals are coming from open play, and most likely from turnovers. Turnover stats, and in particular turnovers leading to goals, aren't publicly available but I would guess that Lloyd, Smith and Jones would be high in the individual list.
    A bit confused. We do not allow marks in back 50, means that when, our 4 defenders all fly, the other teams don't mark much but score at will from the crumbs and spoils.

    Secondly we don't score much anyway.

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    True that may be another explanation.

    But it's not directly related to our lack of scoring power. The stats show that we are in the bottom 3 of forward line efficiency along with Collingwood and Carlton. It's set to be a very ugly game on Saturday, particularly if the rain falls as predicted.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barry View Post
    The draft should have had no impact on our performance this year. Essentially we have had a top 5 pick 3 out of the past 4 years (Heeney, Mills, Buddy). We have got essentially the same sort of draft picks the struggling teams get, if not better.

    The only reason we are where we are is because weve played so many finals over the years our playing stocks have played the equivalent of 6 years of footy over 5 years, and that must take some toll. Plus a bad run of injuries early in the year, probably related to those extra games.

    I think we have the team to be top 4 (just), and we'll need a bit of coaching magic to turn that into a flag, but on the other hand it wouldnt do us too much harm to have a normal 23 round year, blood some youngsters, go after a free-agent in the off season, and reset for a flag tilt in 2018.
    Mark McClure bought up earlier in the season the fact that us, Hawthorn and Geelong have played the equivalent of an extra season over the last 5 seasons and it must start to take it's toll.

    Geelong have been able to bring on some young quick players in the last couple of seasons. We might be a season or 2 behind where they are now with the inexperienced players we have bought in. In this years draft we should only go for youth for mine, and quick ones, plus an uncontracted player. But he better be good.

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    Stats that grabbed me. Lloyd and Smith both Contested Possessions 0, Tackles 1 while in the reserves Tackles Aliir 0 and Laidler, Talia 1 each. Contrast that with Harry 8 tackles (equal top with Hanners) and BJ 4 tackles. Has someone swapped their numbers.

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    Also, last year, we had a fully fit kizza and a fully fit macca that have been true warriors and lead the way verbally

    Kennedy it's an adjustment to lead and be in the centre of the fire pit with no time to talk

    It has been a big transition of youth last two years with a lot of injuries this season

    That's how it goes

    Seasons not over

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    I just noticed that in the away fixture last year the score was identical: Giants 105 v 63 Swans. The game stats were similar too lost contested possessions, clearances, hitouts (all by more this time). Tippett got injured in that game and hasn't been the same since. Admittedly we were at home this year, but we went on to make the Grand Final last year - the long way round. I'm not suggesting that's going to happen this year. But I think Giants are a bogey side for us, and I'm crossing my fingers we are going to beat Carlton on Saturday, get a bit of confidence, and see where we go from there.

    I still have concerns about our gameplan which consists of "win the contested ball" now that haven't able to do that.

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