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Thread: Match Day Thread Rnd. 5. Sydney V GWS. SCG. 19.25 pm.

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    Jack on the bench

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    Holy expletive

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    Good work Channel 7 Adelaide.

    They are televising a replay of the Crows v Suns game after the games finished, at the same time as the Swans v GW$ is on live.

    This after last week not showing the stand alone Swans game on Thursday night.

    Do the same people who run Ch 7 also run Ticketek?!


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    Good start....Go Swans!!

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    Disgraceful capitulation already...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel_C View Post
    Is it bad of me that I am sick and tired of all this Bob Murphy coverage for his 300th. Every channel I have turned to or site I have gone to, is going on and on and on about it. Just turned it over to our game and there we go again!!!!

    No discussion on our game at all and it is 5 minutes to the bounce! ??

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    Even the banners and who won the toss would have been nice.

    Umpiring has been good for us so far.

    Coverage has been average - missing a lot. Haven't seen any push and shove because there are stills on the screen of players

    Bit of a guernsey clash for me. Not surprised Parker passed to the wrong player.
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    Spewed up the lead - way to go Swans.

    Bloody pathetic and some fairly big names are to blame.

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    Definitely a good idea to drop Aliir.

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    I reckon the disposal count since our 4th goal - is 20 to 91 and 5 goals conceded.

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    Marsh is getting killed; although not a surprise.

    GWS forwards have leg speed, our defenders do not.

    Sinclair drops marks after marks.

    Not having AA is going to hurt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foreign Legion View Post
    I reckon the disposal count since our 4th goal - is 20 to 91 and 5 goals conceded.
    Think Cameron has had 6 shots at goal already. Marsh not the right match up

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    Sorry but Harry Marsh is not up to being a KPD and Callum Sinclair couldn't catch a train.

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    Our own worst enemies. GWS hadn't kicked a goal, Lloyd does one of his crappy dinky kicks for a turnover when moving it quickly into the forward line was what got us going. Then Papley does the same. Two really good opportunities wasted, then Rohan blazes away for a defensive mark by them. Why on earth did we start playing that chippy crap. Gave our defenders no chance.

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    They spear pass to a leading forward , we bomb it in long and cough it up ....

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    Poor defence is being crucified by our turnovers and lack of midfield defensive pressure

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