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Thread: Match Day Thread Rnd. 5. Sydney V GWS. SCG. 19.25 pm.

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    It is certainly a strange experience going from runners up to easy beats for us Swans supporters. I can't see anything that can be done by Horse now. if we can keep this to under 10 goals it will be a good result but I suspect we will get done by close to 100. Jones has been one of our only winners.

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    Hard to watch, our skills look poor. Love seeing Mills pull everyone in at half time for a chat though, future captain stuff. Time for our experienced midfield to lift

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    Haven't got the cattle and we are lamentably slow. We are not prepared to take the game on. We just keep going backwards.

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    I got a phone call at the 5 min mark.
    Are we still going well?
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    Let's face it. The Giants are just a super team. They hit every pass perfectly, run to all the right positions, defend ferociously. I know Adelaide beat them in the opener, but GWS is so far ahead of the rest of the league.

    There's no point even thinking about top 8. It doesn't matter. Let's start planning for 2019. It will take 2 years to be competitive against the Giants, if that.

    There were some dumb errors in selection, dropping Aliir and Newman, our 2 best avenues out of the back line, as well as playing the useless Sinclair. But none of that would have made much difference anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackedactor View Post
    If someone tells me again the we are a good side and going to make finals I will scream. We do have issues and we cannot ignore them. This is embarrassing to watch.
    I gave us the benefit of the doubt for the first few weeks, but there is little doubt we are simply awful at the moment. Embarrasingly bad since our flukish start.

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    Good for 5 minutes. Even I can last longer than that!

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    Horse is stuck in the past but Stuey Dew deserves some @@@@ he is the mid coach

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    Plenty of passengers tonight. But @@@@ me, Tippo is really out of touch: slow, weak execution, confused. Surprised he hasn't injured himself already. All this for $800k per year. Can't wait for game end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcs View Post
    Embarrasingly bad since our flukish start.
    We were fine when GWS didn't touch the ball. Haven't been able to win the ball or use it since

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    When we get it in the backline we can't get the ball out. It has happened all year.

    Yet again the midfielders wouldn't know how to get their hands on the ball. And the forward line is non existent with players bombing it in to no one.

    It's the same thing every week.

    First time this year I've been really annoyed. I think I was believing the whole injuries excuse.

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    I don't know why Mills was calling everybody in at half time unless it was to apologise.

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